My name is Brittany Hammond and I am your Personal Brand Stylist and Business Mentor for small business owners.

I work BOTH online and locally with small business owners to create an iconic brand. 


designed to communicate (in spades) who you are, what you specialize in, and why you are a rare gem in your industry. 



  • Brand Persona: it's about concocting a distinct yet authentic concept that embodies YOUR personal story and makes people fall hopelessly in love with you and your brand. 
  • Iconic Brands are built over time: allow your brand to evolve as YOU evolve. The very definition of branding means creating a long lasting impression that doesn't fade. A solid structure and foundation are the first steps in the right direction.
  • Mindset Mastery: As the face of your brand, you've got to have the inner work laid out because whatever you believe about yourself, people will ultimately perceive whatever it is that you project. Do you fee like you are worth what you're charging? Do you believe in yourself and your worth?

There's no shortcut to success and financial freedom. A common myth that I see has emerged is that it is quick and easy to make money online. The truth is, the online world gives us access to a larger audience and community, without a doubt. But what sounds easier: fishing in an ocean? Or fishing in a pond ? You have a calling, a vision, a dream. Your goal is not to drown in infinite possibility. You want to thrive. 

Focus. Clarity. Accountability. will get you there.

With my first 6-figure business, I had to cold call to find my clients. AKA: physically walk around my neighbourhood and knock on doors to propose my window cleaning services. (and YES- I did have doors slam in my face!)

As an entrepreneur, you are a problem solver. I believe that the foundation of your business is solid branding and messaging.  How does your product or service solve a problem and fulfil your client's need?

You're passionate about serving your people and making a difference. However, you know that if you're in business, cashflow is ESSENTIAL.

As a business mentor, my message is bold; I am all about fearlessly pursuing your wildest dreams, creating a strong brand persona, overcoming adversity and, of course-  generating cash flow. 

What makes your business thrive? Sales. How do you generate sales? Proposing a service/product that fulfils a need/want. How do you effectively communicate your clients WHY for that need/want? It's about using thought-provoking messaging and creating an iconic brand persona.

Untamed Lifestyle & Business is a company that specializes in

  • Brand creation, development
  • Brand identity, strategy
  • Creative direction, consulting
  • Messaging
  • Graphic design, website design
  • Lifestyle design, mindset mastery
  • Success coaching for new entrepreneurs