Your business and personal brand is on fire. You've got brilliant ideas. You're ready to make an impact.

The problem is...

You’re a hidden gem

  • You don't know how to establish your personal brand image

  • You can't find the right words to express what you do

  • ...The right colours that represent you

  • ....The right brand story that connects

  • ....The right images/photography to convey who you are

Branding yourself and your business starts with a vision

Allow me to let you in on a little secret:

you, as you are, are already a brand.

(from how you dress, to what you eat, to how you treat people!)

Now, we just need to bring fourth your best qualities, fascinating traits, exciting experiences and thought-provoking concept

A personal brand is showcasing the best possible version of you

A personal brand is about being a leader of your movement

It's time to let the world fall in love with you

I'm Brittany Hammond, your Personal Brand Stylist.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs to create an authentic public persona, leveraging their unique qualities, and crafting Brand Stories that inspire + connect. 

I work with a variety of business owners locally and internationally from writers to actors to coaches/consultants and product-based businesses.

Everyone has a story to tell

I am here to help you discover yours

The personal development industry tells us "YOU CAN DO IT!!",  but if there's one thing the film industry has taught me, it’s that

YOU have to stand out and prove it.

But guess what? It doesn't have to be so daunting. You can embrace yourself for who you are. You can learn to enjoy hustling gracefully and fearlessly.

If you're here, your vision is far strong bigger and more powerful than any fear that could hold you back. #untamed

Whether I am working with local students or my private international clients, the more important thing I've learned is

  • Discover who you really are


My Story + Fun Facts

Most people struggle with their WHAT. What is my passion? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing? I struggled with my HOW. How do I earn money doing what I love? How do I create my business? How do I just be myself? 

From my very first job at 15 years old, I realized that earning a pay chq + working for someone else would limit me both financially and creatively.

Being self-employed was the only way!

By the age of 25, I was running my second successful business with sales over 6 figures. But the journey wasn't all roses.

At the mere age of 18 I launched my first business Brittany Hammond Enterprises - a student window cleaning business in residential Burlington. In 2 years I had done 100k in sales, hired 6 employees, and worked with hundreds and hundreds of customers.  At 20 years old, I felt rich. But I was miserable. My soul was yearning for more. Something was just NOT working in my life. Do you know this feeling?

I fled to France on a path of self-discovery, joie de vivre, fine cuisine...and a TON of administration headaches!

Different continent. Same problems.

I found myself feeling the same unfulfillment, the same misalignments, the same frustrations. I was in a constant and perpetual identity crisis; I felt like a chameleon that would change and adapt my personality depending on who I was talking to or what mood I was in. I struggled with getting clear on WHO I really was and what I stood for. I tried to always fit in and never disrupt the peace. My belief pattern was: "fit in, be liked", however this led me to not be myself and not being respected.

When you suffocate your true self, you sabotage your potential

I realized that if I was blocked and incongruent in my own life and self-image, than that would ultimately be reflected in my business and branding.

I studied theatre, cinema and communication, earning a double Master's degree. As an actor, I was fascinated by exploring different parts of myself through characters. I experimented with all mediums of art to find different ways to express myself. This is when I realized I loved personal branding and that I was really good at it! I had found a way to merge my love for acting + branding into a viable business!

Branding yourself is like a quest of self-discovery

The four mindset shifts and decisions I made to get me to success:

1. I made a conscious and intentional decision to hone ALL my skills, talents, strengths, and beliefs and use them in my business

2. I decided WHAT my contribution to the world was, as a person, an artist and a business owner

3. I accepted and (even embraced) the sacrifices I would have to make along my journey to success

4. I got clear on my legacy and how I wanted to be perceived as a brand. And then I stepped it up!


Get your copy of my free Brand Story Bank - audio training + PDF workbook to help YOU craft Social Stories that are Raw, Real + Relatable.

We will:

  • Identify what makes YOU + your BUSINESS unique (and not just a commodity)
  • Uncover + calibrate stories/anecdotes/experiences that showcase how you embody your brand values, lifestyle + business
  • Create a sizzling inventory of Social Stories, readily available that you can share online and use in your branding, photography, videos, facebook ads, website etc.

If they tell you that you can't... prove them wrong!

They tried to give me ritalin when I was 10 years old


Kids at elementary school made fun of me in gym class

I ran the Toronto Marathon at 16 years old

My research directors at university told me I wasn't "academic" or "theoretical" enough in my thesis research

I put my research into practise and built a $20 000 actors coaching business in less than 12 months

My motto: success is the best revenge. Tell me I can't...and I will prove you wrong. Use the haters and the doubt to fuel you to go after what you want. 

Professional Biography

Brittany Hammond is a personal brand strategist, filmmaker and author. She has received her Bachelors and Master’s degree while attending universities in Canada, France and Belgium. She is bilingual in English and French. 

As the founder of Untamed Lifestyle & Business, Brittany works both online and locally with business owners to create a powerful public persona, an intriguing brand story and a sustainable business.

She is also the co-founder of Le Jeu d’auteur:Stage Intensif & Le Showcase à l’Américaine, a powerful program of live workshops and on-going classes that help actors discover their unique qualities and leverage them on stage or on screen.

Brittany is a two-time published author, featured in Emily Gowor’s Inspiration Bible as well as her own book 101 Secrets of Untamed Entrepreneurs Revealed.

She is Canadian-born and has been sharing her time between Paris and the French Riviera since 2009. 

Brittany believes that entrepreneurship is the best personal development journey you can go through because it pushes you out of your comfort zone, and far beyond your boundaries. It is for this reason she intuitively integrates a blend of mindset mastery while working with her clients. Her philosophy is to trust your struggle: the challenges you face are specific to the areas where you need to grow. Your biggest challenge is actually your greatest gift.