Share Your Story. Amplify Your Impact With Video. Connect to Clients.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...then your #SignatureBrandVideo is a priceless diamond! 

From intimidated + unknown to bold + confident.

From multiple-brand personality disorder to unapologetically showing up as you.

From hidden gem to discovered + fully booked.

When I finally understood how to connect the dots in my journey, I was able to craft a brand story that truly resonated with people and turned secret admirers into clients. 

After all, experience is personal but emotion is universal.

Once I mastered my energy and developed my confidence, I was able to show up on camera + express my message with the utmost grace and impact. My signature brand story video is a 24/7 storefront, showcasing me and my work. My video series and trainings attract new projects and clients on auto-pilot. My work speaks for itself.

As your creative director, I'm here to help yours do the same!

We're going to tap into your story, create a captivating video around it, and completely amplify your message so that it can spread like wildfire. It's not just about the sales, it's about the IMPACT of your work.



+ Being so grounded in your vision, your message and your business that you literally could shout it from the rooftops

+ Having the confidence to use your voice + communicate with passion and charisma on camera

+ Using your story to attract new clients, customers or projects

+ Creating a stunning brand video that truly represents you and expresses your uniqueness 



 What we'll be working through together:

+ Getting confident AF and grounded in yourself and business

+ Tapping into your inner genius and sharing it with the world

+ Getting visible and vulnerable (but also real + empowered)

+ Determining which type of Brand Video(s) you need to boost your biz

+ Writing a script, creating a storyboard and mapping out your video(s)

+ Voice training to captivate your audience + sound strong in the delivery of your message


My videos have skyrocketed my engagement and impact. The numbers don't lie- I have a 75% open rate one of of my highest converting mini video courses. 

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Mastering your energy, boosting your charisma and confidence so that you can proudly show up.


Picking the defining moments + hooks in your story that create that know-like-trust factor and truly resonate with and inspire your clients to take action.


Getting creative and planning your shoot-everything from script, storyboarding, location scouting, outfit selection, and determining if you can DIY it or need to hire a videographer.


Editing is critical in creating an overall aesthetic + conveying your message. I can edit for you! Investment starts at $150 USD.


Coming to Paris? (or Europe?) I'd love to shoot for you!

International Tour Dates: June 2018 : Toronto + California. Message me to chat more!

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The Details:

+ Determine the type of video you need

+ Map out your story and write script

+ Create a storyboard- plan out shots, location, outfits. 

+ For a DIY video, I'll help you get set up with the equipment- I promise, we'll make it easy! (Honestly, sometimes I get friends to help me film simple videos for me!)

+ If you want to outsource to a videographer, I'll guide you to hire a qualified one! 

+ We will work on your voice, diction, presence and charisma- oh yes, we're going to rehearse your script!

+ Lastly, we'll strategize on how and where to use your video and different pieces of content you can repurpose.

The Tangibles:

+ My signature 10-page welcome pack

+ 3-60 minute immersive sessions on zoom/skype

+ Email support within 4-week period

+ Your brand story map and storyboard

+ **Upgrade option includes possible filming + editing for you

The Investment:

+ This exclusive offer is available for the first 5 people at only $497 usd.


* Available until July 3rd!!

Signature Brand Videos created by moi at the Untamed Production Studio