From Shushed + Silenced to Bold + Unfiltered


From Shushed + Silenced to Bold + Unfiltered

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Hey Guys, Brittany Hammond here, the founder of Untamed Lifestyle & Business. I just wanted to pop in and share this message that really pulled on a heart string this week

Wendy Williams:

She made a career out of gossiping and judging people (on her 8 year long talk show)

Whaaaatt ?? Wait, slow down!

Remember how I always say ......

understanding is the key to someone's heart

I used to watch Wendy Williams out of a guilty pleasure of the celebrity gossip but secretly I judged her as one of those Americans who made a career out of gossiping (think PEREZ HILTON)

Recently, as I embark on my own journey of self-discovery and honing MY message ...a little case of divine timing happened and one of Wendy's <3 to <3 interviews came up  on YouTube

She talks about her childhood, her parents said she was TALKING before she was WALKING,  that she was shushed + silenced

Even moving towards highschool, the girls were mean to her...and she just stayed focused on herself and began her radio career at age 16.

+ She was opinionated

she had a FIRE in her

+ she HAD to use her gift: her voice

Suddenly my judgement for her melted away because I appreciated the boldness + unfiltered-ness

The slogan of her show: SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT

how POWERFUL is that for us today, in our day + age where we are tip toe around using our voice + expressing ourselves ?

She fully claims and owns:


She's taken her biggest struggle, her strongest points of personality + leveraged it into making a multiple decade-long career.

So, I want to leave you with this question:

How can you make yourself more understood by your audience. How can you tell your story in a way that makes YOU even more relatable ?

What is your God-given gift ? How can you leverage it ?


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Crafting Social Stories that are Real, Raw + Relatable



Brand, Interrupted.

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Brand, Interrupted.

Brand, Interrupted : Coming back home to who you were meant to be

Hey guys! Welcome to the podcast! For those of you who don't know me, my name's Brittany Hammond! I am a film maker and your personal brand stylist!

I want to start off by citing this powerful quote:

"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you so that you can be who you were meant to be in the first place." 

For anyone who saw the film Girl, Interrupted, this is a tribute! Without diving into a synopsis, it's a film based on a real life experience from a woman who wrote her memoir back in the 60's after having been labeled as "crazy" and diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Her path was thus interrupted as she was temporarily sentenced to a mental asylum. It required her embarking on this journey to then come back home to who she really was and who she always was. 

For those of you who are new to me, I am the founder of Untamed Lifestyle & Business. By untamed, I really mean feeling the freedom and liberation to be who you want to be, and do what you want to do in life. 


The first time I felt “tamed” (and by that, I mean suffocated by labels placed on me by other people) was back in middle school. With a group of girl friends, we all had labels - sort of like the Spice Girls. Sporty Spice, Arty-spice, sexy spice etc etc. And yes, this would have been circa 1997

My truth is: I had always been the creative one.

But one day, the girls kicked me out of the group because they considered someone else MORE creative and talented than me. There was no place for me.

I was no longer the creative one. I was no longer the artist.

I was a no one. With no friends and no talent. All throughout middle school and into highschool, I carried around this belief. I never felt like I was enough. I’d experiment with all types of artistic mediums, trying to find myself: drawing, graphic design, dancing, acting….THEY would never let me be the artist or the performer anymore.

So as they denied me of my identity… I slowly began to deny myself.

Today, as a grown woman, I do have the wisdom and confidence to know that only I can define myself. However, growing up, I didn't have that confidence or the wisdom. So what ends up happening is ...

When you don’t have a strong sense of self let others define you.

You might be wondering how this is related to branding. It's very simple. When I work privately 1:1 with my clients, they can get very tripped up about what image of themselves they want to put out there: how do I show up in the world ? What parts of me do I reveal ? Why am I unique ? How do I infuse my personality in my brand?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: you already are a brand. It's from everything to how you dress, to what you eat, to who you hang out with. People already perceive you in a certain way. Put yourself in an empowered position where you decide how you authentically craft your image. 

Over time, we can feel the pressure from society, from peers, family, colleagues that project their own stuff on us and we slowly lose parts of ourselves, we slowly start to believe what they tell us. 

Part of having a strong brand is about fully acknowledging all the parts of yourself. 

For example, some of my strongest assets in my brand were the things I was actually hiding the most. 

This clearly was a pattern I had developed at a young age- about letting others define who I am. From being a dancer and a performer for a number of years, I knew all about self-presentation, shameless self-promotion, speech, diction and pleasing a crowd. From all my other experiences in design- I knew how to craft together design elements, make things look nice, look presentable. When I first started my business, I didn't share these parts of me and I didn't realize how relevant this was to them. 

My challenge to you: start looking back at your life and acknowledging YOU. What makes you unique, qualified, a leader in your field. 

If this is difficult because you have a lot of negative self talk, maybe start with the labels that others put on you and how they define you AND THEN ask yourself: is this true ?

I want to empower you to rediscover your sense of self. Step into your brand. Live on brand.

Have you been hiding parts of yourself ? Who did you used to be ? Who did you always want to be?

AND THEN, start sharing these tidbits with the world, just like I am doing right now. 

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. 


If you've liked this blog + podcast, I'd like to invite you to download a copy of my FREE Brand Story Bank Training - it's a 20 minute audio training and 8 page PDF playbook.

I want to help you discover what is unique about you and HOW you can use their in your brand + business, how you can infuse your personality and how you can use Social Stories to connect with your audience in a real, raw + relatable way. 

The easiest way to connect with an audience is about sharing the same or similar beliefs and values.

Understanding is the key into someone's heart. 


  •  Identify what makes YOU and your BUSINESS unique
  • Uncover stories/anecdotes/experiences that showcase how you embody  your brand, values + business
  • Create a juicy inventory of Social Stories readily available to share online, in the media etc

After completing this training, you'll have 3-4 social stories readily available that you can sprinkle all over your online presence. 




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How to use PR & Media in your Business // Interview With Queen Chioma


How to use PR & Media in your Business // Interview With Queen Chioma

::: You’ve got Q’s, we’ve got A’s! :::

  • Learn how someone new to business can use Media & PR

  • Find out how to identify the hook in your story to pitch to the media

  • What is a PR calendar and how do you utilize it to your advantage

  • What are the rules for following up after pitching?

  • Discover how to make your own Press Kit

Learn More About Queen Chioma 

Queen Chioma Nworgu, MA, BA (hons) is a International Motivational Speaker, a Singer, Success Coach, TV Presenter and the Director of UK's Dazzling Beauty. She was born and raised in Great Britain and her heritage is Nigerian. She was born in Southampton and lives in London where she has lived since she was a little girl.                                                                                

Queen Chioma first appeared on TV when she was about 8 years old. Then went onto TV again when she was 19. In 2008 she landed a big opportunity to interviewed on Hidden Treasures on Ben TV and since then she has had over 150 TV appearances across various TV Channels which include ITV 1, BBC, MTV, Living TV, RSTV (Nigeria), Dutch TV and Latin TV. She has worked as a
TV Presenter/Co-Host/Guest Speaker on Lizzy Show Ben TV for several years. You can watch the show every Tuesdays on Ben TV Sky 182 6.30pm - 7pm on Sky Digital. She was also a TV Host for the TV Programme on Ben TV called UK Policies for 7 weeks in 2011 where she got to interview high profile people in the Media and Politics, along with Big CEO's of organisations. Her biggest TV appearance on TV was on a show called Dinner Date on ITV in 2012 which has aired on several channels on Sky since then. The show has been repeated on ITV 2 and ITVBe this year (2016). 


Au Revoir Rude Business Coaches! An ode to high vibrations

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Au Revoir Rude Business Coaches! An ode to high vibrations

::: Be the change you want to see in the world :::

This expression has never really resonated with me. Mostly because I didn’t truly know what it meant.

Having ran a local 6 figure business by the age of 20, the online world was a slap in the face.

Who are all these people preaching on soapboxes, telling you HOW it must be done WHY their way is the best ...and the general chatter is exhausting.

I’ve never promoted the location-independant business ( I actually don’t believe in it- I think you should be involved in your community and promote locally) There was this massive surge of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants selling us THE BIG DREAM. The 6 figure dream. The sales funnel dream. The passive income dream.

It triggered me. Because as an already successful business owner, suddenly, I was swimming in a new pond.

A new pond of sharks and self-proclaimed business gurus.

My online presence in the past 3 years has been one of + a mixture of the following:

  • Non existant

  • disappointed + discouraged

  • Hiding in fear of being hit by a pitch fork.


After working with the most empowered 7 figure female earner this fall, I realized: I need to surround myself with high vibrational people. And raise my intuition, awareness + radars towards more productive + positive minded people.

Yes- we can talk about how people use and overuse the same marketing tactics in facebook groups… but is that really productive ?

I once saw a business coach on her soapbox critisizing MLM businesses- how its not real business, how its a scam etc etc. I politely commented saying I know a few MLM business owners who are real, genuine and earning a fabulous living. She then proceeded to insult me and attack me over social media. She even twisted the truth and made a video how she offended someone who disagreed with her (me) but that you need to keep preaching what you believe, because you'll attract your true tribe.

(she's right about that! negativity begets negativity.)

But I can’t help by notice how we tend to put people down and pass so much judgement in the online space.

If I wanted to see the change in the world...I need to be that change. And I need to align myself with women and men who want the same.

Here’s my nouveau Ode:

I will no longer engage or follow low-vibrational people online.

I will no longer take advice from the sarcastic business coaches, the ones you use scare-tactics, are constantly preaching, and generalizing that online business can ONLY BE DONE ONE WAY.

I now, listen, follow & engage with high vibrational people. The one’s who lift you up. The one’s who encourage you, believe in you and genuinely want to see you succeed.

The one’s who make you feel empowered, and  not inferieur because you don’t know everything.

I now, listen, follow & engage with people who have an insanely POSITIVE energy.

We’re all just trying to run our businesses and live the life of our dreams. Let’s spread some positive energy around it!


Everyone has a story to tell. And the best brands are built on great stories.


  •  Identify what makes YOU and your BUSINESS unique
  • Uncover stories/anecdotes/experiences that showcase how you embody  your brand, values + business
  • Create a juicy inventory of Social Stories readily available to share online

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