I was robbed..and here is what I am grateful for.

Ever feel like the universe is shitting on you ?

It’s been a rough few weeks for me.

One bad thing after another. Like the snowball effect.

At some point, you just want to scream at the universe


But it’s the hardships in life that help us become stronger.

2 weeks ago I had my hard drive crash and I thought it was the end of the world. I lost ALL my work, some of my old client files and the eBook I am in the process of launching because I never backed up my data.

I gracefully tried to accept what happened and move on. (oh and buy an external hard drive …)

I believe this event was preparing me for what would happen next.

I came home this sunday evening to find my apartment broken into and destroyed.

I was robbed. Yes my macbook pro was gone.

Now one could say “well your hard drive was empty anyways so you didn’t lose THAT much”

I just moved into the place and had not yet subscribed to house insurance.

So not only do I have to replace my laptop, but also the damages caused to my apartment. (which they broke down the wall, removed the barrier and smashed my window ...)

I am still pretty shooken up about the entire break in, even as I type this. Lots of emotions have been coming up: anger, grief, fear, sadness, loneliness, aggressiveness, betrayal, and violation are just some of them.

I generally try to bounce back from things quickly. Sometimes I feel like the only way I'll get through something is if I am just positive. I accept the worst case scenario and I let go.

So hear my is my list of things I am grateful for:


  • I am grateful I wasn’t home that night because had I been home, the robbers COULD have been armed. They could have hurt me or raped me.
  • I am grateful that they didn’t steal my diamond ring or any of my other jewel for that matter.
  • I am grateful that they didn’t steal (or find for that matter) the envelope I had with 350€ in cash.
  • I am grateful they didn’t steal my television, internet router, microwave or any other electronics.
  • I am grateful they didn’t find/steal my camera nor my external hard drive.
  • I am grateful they didn’t smash the interior of the apartment or burn it to the ground.
  • I am grateful they didn’t steal the spare set of keys I had.
  • I am grateful I didn’t arrive home WHILE they were robbing the place because they could have attacked me.
  • I am grateful because I believe this is a lesson for me to let go of a little money, to spend what I do have, and to acknowledge that I did have the emergency funds to get myself out of this mess.


This is going to sound crazy but YES obviously part of me is extremely pissed off because I didn’t necessarily want to dish out $2000 to buy a new macbook. 

But here is how I can change my perspective:

I consider myself a humanitarian. I am a sentimental type that always tries to put myself in someone else’s shoes.

I can only think of the type of person that does this. The type of person that breaks in and robs homes.

Because this person clearly is in need of money. This person was clearly in a worse situation than I was.

So I hope this person sells my old babe and makes some money.

Because clearly they needed it.

I am grateful that I always keep my savings account full and that I had enough money to buy myself a new laptop. 

The person who broke into my home does not have the savings.

Maybe they are even struggling to get by.

So I am grateful that I do have enough abundance and income coming in to be able to get by and afford these damages.

While I understand human survival and what can drive us, I am grateful that I am not, nor never have been at the point of desperation to steal from someone. 

I believe we are all capable of great things. But I am not naive.

I know this world isn’t always fair. I know we all don’t make a decent living. I know people struggle to get by. But I am grateful that I am not in that position. And for the times when I have struggled, I would never EVER sink to that level.

I am a fighter, and I am going to get through this.

Have you ever been robbed? Did you feel violated ?

Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Although I tried to spin this blog post with a positive tone, I have to admit, I am still incredibly shooken up by this experience and would really appreciate your feedback.

If you have been through the same thing or know someone who has, I’d love for you to share some perspective. 

With Inspiration, 

Brittany Hammond


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