No one will save you but yourself!

In the spirit of Halloween  (maybe a few days late!)

An old friend from elementary school posted a photo on instagram circa 1996 when I dressed up as Sailor Moon for her halloween party.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 00.34.35.png

It got me thinking...

I was OBSESSED with Sailor Moon. So much to the point that I asked my parents to buy a grey cat named Luna, just like in the TV show.

In Sailor Moon, Serena comes home one day to find a magical sceptre on her bed. It was given there by her saviour Luna. This magical brooch enabled her to become Sailor Moon; a soldier to save the earth from the forces of evil.

I suffered from post-traumatic stress as a kid. I had severe anxiety. To escape my reality, I submerged myself in television and movies. My imagination had no limits. Some could say I didn’t really live on planet earth as I was lost in fantasy land.

I dreamed, daydreamed, imagined and played out the scenario in my head the day when I would come home one day, and one small thing would change my life.

That someone would save me from the hell in my mind and tell me there was a better destiny out there for me. 

I specifically recall one day waiting what felt like an excruciating amount of time for my mom to pick me up from school. Someone appeared to tell me that I was the chosen one and I was ready to become “that” person. That person I dreamed of becoming. The scene looked a little something like this photo with all the glimmering lights and long locks of blonde hair (Think Sailor Moon theme song when she takes the wand and starts transforming into a goddess)

As years went on, no one was there to save me. No magic sceptre appeared. 

How is this relevant today?

Because we have so many limiting beliefs ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t even realize it.

For 23 years I expected someone else to suddenly appear and give me permission to become the person I longed to be. I wasn’t able to distinguish fantasy from reality.

And instead of creating the reality I wanted, I was sitting, waiting in my fantasies.

I know God has a plan for me, and I know what I am here to do know. I also know it’s up to ME to take control of MY DESTINY.

You don’t need permission to become the best version of yourself. You don’t need permission to fulfill your soul purpose. 

What lies did you tell yourself growing up? How did you limit yourself ?

Share below! :) Vulnerability will set you free!

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