Dare to Dream

Inspired by a recent conversation with Emily Williams, I've been going through an exercise of writing down ALL my dreams, no holding back, no censuring, just letting it all flow out.

Sounds like fun, right?


Okay it was a bit fun, but it was challenging to let some of those secrets dreams buried deep down come up to the surface.

For many years, my fear of wildly outrageous success prevented me from chasing after my dreams.

I had always been someone highly ambitious, with tons of projects on the go.

But the projects that REALLY made my heart beat were constantly being put on the back burner.

I kept coming up with excuses to not execute the simple most basic steps to really make these things happen.

In 2012 I went to Palm Springs to Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny Conference and it gave me the first concrete tools to evaluate where I was in life.

I realized then how freaking SCARY it was to just DARE TO DREAM.

I denied my wildest dreams. I wouldn’t even let my mind go there.

At night I would have these vivid dreams about what I was really looking for in life. But yet in waking life, I still didn’t have enough leverage to take action. I was freaking ignoring my DREAMS even though they were screaming out at me, pleading with me to make them come true.

My destructive thoughts and limiting beliefs:

:: Life can’t really be this good

:: If this all comes true, my life will be perfect

:: I don’t deserve this

:: I am not good enough

Sometimes we can think our dreams and ambitions are SO wild, SO ambitious, that we just don’t even ASK the universe.

How silly does that sound ??

When Tony Robbins talks about the 6 steps for making lasting change, he says the number one reason people DON’T TAKE ACTION is because they aren’t finding enough leverage (be it internal or external).

Getting crystal clear on your goals and objectives sometimes just isn’t enough.

You have to know WHY these are your goals.

When you know in your heart you want to do something but for some reason aren’t, there is something hiding deep down preventing you from taking action.

It took me so long to realize this but for me, having wildly outrageous success would mean so many things to me:

: being happy

: creating financial stability

: contributing my talent and helping others

: designing a lifestyle I longed for

: creating human connection ( one of the 6 human needs )

My emotional home used to be misery and self-pity. It took me years to check out of the heartache hotel. And trust me, the cost of neglecting your wildest dreams is so much deeper than a monetary value.

I got so comfortable in my current situation that the thought of experiencing lasting change scared the heck out of me!

 Despite a burning passion for something quite specific, the fear of it actually coming true was much more terrifying than the fear of it NOT coming true.

Quite often we hear people have a fear failure. But I feared success because I had a limiting belief that I could never leave my emotional home of despair and move into a new (big & fancy ) one of abundance, of joy, of courage and of success.

What do you fear?

What has your own fear prevented you from achieving?

What is this costing you?

I’d love to hear about you! Share below and release those fears! I promise that the universe will bring you great things!!