Cheers to Baby Steps in Business

I felt rather reminiscent today so I am writing this vulnerable post about the growth I've experienced in the past year.

A year ago, I had just finished my masters and had absolutely no idea what I was going to do in my life. 

My Master's Thesis- Université de Nice & Université Libre de Bruxelles

My Master's Thesis- Université de Nice & Université Libre de Bruxelles

I was always a passionate person so I knew what I would have LIKED to do, but didn't know how to make it concrete. 

I had just endured the worst summer of my life (jobless, my cat Luna of 17 years unexpectedly dying, my boyfriend and I fighting non-stop, and the general agony of writing a thesis.)

Luna 1996-2013

Luna 1996-2013

  • Come september, I was homeless (because my boyfriend gave our landlord notice behind my back), 
  • I was trying to re apply for my french visa so that I could stay in France, 
  • I just passed my masters defence which was horrible disappointing experience(after investing 2 whole years of my life on a masters program… THAT was it ?!)
  • I had a faux friend take me in, who ultimately ended up driving me crazy, picking fights every day with his passive-agressiveness, falling "in love" than threatening to kick me out.
  • I didn't have a job.
  • I didn't have a visa to get a job. 
  • I didn't have my own living space. (or my own bed for that matter)
  • I didn't have any money.
  • I had absolutely no idea what to do with my life.
  • I was alone in a "foreign" country and had no real support team.


: I gave myself permission to spend four months to soul search and figure out how I could use my gifts and talents in the world.

: I hired a reallllllly expensive life coach (about $600/month aka money I didn't even have) and worked through all my issues.

: I actually flew back home to Canada EVERY month for extra family support.

: I started doing some research online and exploring my options.

What could I offer to the world? What was my area expertise? 

I'd had business experience before but nothing in the field of the arts.

(Ignorant people say the arts and business don't mix. I'm proof that it can!)

  • I now have a new and thriving business. (Untamed yo')
  • Within 5 months of launching, I made more money in my business than I did at my "JOB" working HALF the amount of time.
  • I am a published contributing author (See: Inspiration Bible)
  • I am publishing my own first eBook (set to launch this fall!)
  • I get to choose the hours when I work. I am location independent so I can still travel the world whenever I want. Nothing holds me back!
  • I am so passionate about working with my clients.
  • I love love love taking on new projects.
  • I am free from the 4.5 year toxic relationship that trained my energy, passion and confidence.
  • I am now with someone whom I adore, and constantly supports & encourages me.

Working away under the Tuscan Sun

Working away under the Tuscan Sun

I feel so blessed to be where I am at today and all that has transpired this past year.

While I don't feel like I'm at my peak yet, I am still on this incredible journey, learning along the way and slowly rising to the top.

I absolutely love what I do and as someone who was terrified of becoming a starving artist, I can proudly say that I earn enough to be able to eat all la cuisine française que je veux!


I trust that I am on my divine path and everything is happening in the right order.

Sometimes we get so caught up thinking WHERE we want to be that we FORGET how far we've already come.

Acknowledging your progress and baby steps towards success is crucial to keeping up the momentum.

NO MATTER where you are at in your life, make a toast to your success!!

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