Income Tracking- Quit your day job/grow your business

It’s the end of the FIRST month of this year and I decided to do some income tracking so evaluate where I am so I know WHERE I am going!

In 2013 I was a student doing my masters degree. I lived 6 months in Belgium (sans WORKING visa) and 6 months in France, where I still am today. 

In 2013, I worked a total of 10 days and earned less than 500€.


I felt like a failure when I filed for taxes in France. I was embarrassed to mutter out the number. I kind of laughed it off like “ohh haha I was a student”. The lady empathetically smiled. 

Fast forward 2014, I launched a business and also had a full time job. In 6 months, all incomes combined, I made just under 25k !!!!

But here’s the crazy thing…. as I was going through my calculations, I realized, while my JOB was providing a stable monthly salary, my business was growing and growing. So while I started out freelancing, getting traction, making sales here and there, after a few months, I was hitting 2k months and then eventually 4k months. I literally was making MORE in my business than in my day job!

In my business, I was working HALF the amount of time that I was slaving away at my job, BUT YET I was making TRIPLE and QUADROUPLE the amount in my business.

job= work more/earn less
Business= work less/earn more

This is when it finally made sense to quit that soul suckin’ job.

Why work 40 hours a week and make minimum wage when you could work less than HALF that and make thousands at a time?

----A n d   h e r e ’ s    m y   b i g g e s t   l e s s o n    t o   y o u : ----

Being an entrepreneur means NOT always having A SECURE INCOME EACH MONTH… 

  • Sometimes you feel like you’re working like a maniac and not seeing results.
  • Sometimes you feel like you’re hibernating, cooking up your next promotion.
  • Sometimes you need to talk to 5 people just to get ONE sale.


At the end of the day, the journey as a business owner is SO much more rewarding and can provide so much more financial security than you ever could imagine. If you keep pushing, and keep being consistent, you’re bound to see results. 

Being a business owner means you have the possibility to earn MORE than you could EVER IMAGINE!!!

I don’t make the same amount of money every month, but over the long run, I make A ton more than I did in my soul-sucking "secure" job.

Are you running two gigs? Juggling a 9-5 and running a biz on the side? Imagine how much more time you could focus on your business if you had the time to invest! Share your insights below!

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