This is an oldie but a goodie. It dates back from October but I decided to just share on my blog now!


SUNDAY 6PM spontaneously buy a ticket, jump on a train to Paris.
SUNDAY 630PM reserve a hotel ON my phone IN the train 
(For anyone who knows me well I'm normally an OVERLY organized OCD pre planned trip kinda gal so this was a huge step for me!)

TRAIN RIDE: 6 hours of productive work. Sans internet.
MIDNIGHT: arrival at hotel
MONDAY 9AM-12PM: work on two different client design projects
1PM: lunch with Elle Merkel and a tour of her new office ( she works at a film post production company SO cool!)
3PM: meet some friends in Opéra quarter for some shopping 
4PM: see my DAD who is in Paris for just one day also!! Life chats at Le Pont de Neuf, apéritif & people watching at une brasserie. Strolling through some art galleries. Then escargots & tartare de saumon for dinner!
9PM: French cinema time (ok fine it was an American movie... Equalizer anyone? Great movie!)
1AM back in bed in my hotel!
TUESDAY AM: jet back to the south of France with Air France. I'm over train rides lol (My ears kill because I was still getting over a cold so maybe not a wise choice hehe)


// ALL key aspects in my life. People often ask me what untamed means.

It's just that! The freedom to do what you want, when you want!

I've worked incredibly hard the past year to get my business where I want it to be, and it allows me a schedule of freedom. I was feeling in a rut this weekend (also battling a cold) , and I was having this internal debate... I WANT a mini vacation...I NEED some new scenery to gain new perspective.

// Do I go to Paris? Do I stay? This debate went on in my head for an entire day until I finally just said to myself "wtf Brittany you have the time you have the money WHAT are you waiting for?!"

The only person limiting you in your life is YOU!
Listen to your instincts, treat yourself and live that fabulous life you were meant to live!