How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?

This wonderful little video sums it up.


As a child, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do with my life. But as the years went on, all the external voices kept telling me no, no no.

::it's not possible

::you'll never make a living

::there's too much competition

::you're not talented enough

Just before my 26th birthday, I attended an acting & success workshop with top LA acting coach Bernard Hiller in Paris. 

--- Exercice # 1 : Tell a complete stranger your life story ---

I was down on my knees, sobbing into the lap of a complete stranger. Tears gushed down my face as I begged + pleaded for a second chance to make my life right. I begged God to let me live. I begged myself to be strong enough to fight for my life. I screamed at the top of my lungs every reason I was angry, for every person who wronged me or hurt me. I sobbed to the point of dehydration for every reason I was sad in my life.

I gave up. I stopped fighting for myself and my future because I felt like others already gave up on me.

This is NOT the life I was dreaming of. This is NOT the life I had planned for. By the age of 25, the harsh realization that my dreams and goals were not coming true stabbed through my soul like daggers. How could I get so off track ? How did my life end up like this ? What went wrong ?

What was a quiet whisper my whole life became loud screams. I could no longer avoid the inevitable. 

 Short Film entitled DANGEROUS LOVE

Short Film entitled DANGEROUS LOVE

 Acting Workshop in Nice, France

Acting Workshop in Nice, France


Psssst ! Those whispers that turned into screaming pushed me to create this:

 A revolutionary approach to theatre: movie scenes played on stage!

A revolutionary approach to theatre: movie scenes played on stage!

NOT following your dreams is what my friend & soulsister Estelle Matranga calls a SLOW SUICIDE. (read her fabulous article here!)

:: Are you wondering why you are unfulfilled ? 

:: Be honest

:: What dream or aspiration did you give up on ?

:: When? Why? 

:: Who's judgement made you believe you couldn't do it ? Friends? family? a boyfriend? girlfriend? teacher? boss? complete asshole/stranger?

:: How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?

:: Why are you really suffocating your true life calling?

Your life is fucking waiting for you.

Go for it now!!

Can we make a promise? Please? Let’s make this promise to ourselves to never let our ideas, our inspirations, our drive die because of the fear of nothing.
— Estelle Matranga


(Thank you to my friend Estelle Matranga who inspired this after a white hot firey soul discussion.)

Brittany Hammond is a personal brand strategist, filmmaker and author. 

As the founder of Untamed Lifestyle & Business, Brittany works both online and locally with business owners to create a powerful public persona, an intriguing brand story and a sustainable business.

She is also the co-founder of Le Jeu d’auteur:Stage Intensif & Le Showcase à l’Américaine, a powerful program of live workshops and on-going classes that help actors discover their unique qualities and bring them fourth on stage or on screen.