Hustle gracefully, hustle fearlessly, but JUST hustle!

If you said yes, keep reading!

Girl, you gotta love the hustle!

hus·tle (hŭs′əl) v. hus·tledhus·tlinghus·tles v.intr.

1. To move or act energetically and rapidly:

I find it interesting when online entrepreneurs say they don’t like hustling for clients.

Not wanting to hustle in business is like saying you want to earn money but not work for it.

employee worker: set tasks, set salary NO matter what you do ( or don’t do!)

employeur/business owner: a million and one tasks, always something to do, no income guarantee 

So what’s the difference? let’s imagine “hustling” means joyfully working towards your goals. Joyfully finding new prospective clients/customers. Joyfully engaging with people and creating relationships. 

So the business owner has to hustle in order to keep the business thriving. 

(because if he/she sat around waiting, or not taking action, no “salary” or profits would flow in!

the employee doesn't necessarily have to hustle because either way, they will be paid! (unless they really are bad and get fired!) but you get my point right ?!

but wait wait wait!  don’t think of hustle in a bad way! It doesn’t mean running around trying to shove your product/service down someone’s throat! It doesn’t mean you’re always stressed. It doesn’t mean always “selling”. 

You can leisurely hustle!! 

 In my first business, it was local, and I had to physically cold call. That means knocking on people’s doors to find clients. I admit having doors slammed in my face hurts… but what’s the worse rejection that happens online- no one answers your proposal or email? Hmm… it’s about perspective. It’s not as hard and painful as you think.

(or…. you could also hire a marketing manager!!)

Part of the thrill of working for yourself is actually hustling to find clients, signing your next deal or selling your feature product.

When I sold the first edition of my ebook, I remember waking up to $700 in sales one morning. Talk about champagne for breakfast! But, had I not hustled like a business babe, those sales would not have come in so easily.

Law of the universe: give and you shall receive. There is always an exchange of one thing for another. You have to accept the challenge, as well as the reward. But you don’t need to give up your sanity and peace of mind to be successful. You can hustle with grace and joy. Just maintain a positive attitude. no. matter. what.

your job is to spread your message, propose your solution, create connection and build relationships.

If Jesus had been scared of rejection or hustling, do you think he would have gotten his message across?

Doubt it! But he believed so deeply, so powerfully, and his vision was so strong that he was driven to fulfil his mission!

Hustling gracefully means living in gratitude for what you already have, and accepting the ebb and flow; whatever happens, happens. Some client deals will fall through. Some products won’t sell. It happens, and it’s ok!

Hustling fearlessly means courageously pursuing what you want because you own your talent and skills. There’s no such thing as personal rejection, it’s about finding the right people! Failure also does not exist because you know that its actually an opportunity to grow and learn.

Agree, disagree? I'd love to hear your take on what it means to hustle in business!



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