triggered by money blocks?

Have you ever been triggered by SOMEONE ELSE'S money block?

I'm going to tell you a little story!

CONTEXT ALERT: in France, we don’t talk talk about money.  “ça ne se fait pas” as they would say. it's private. it's taboo. 

In fact, MONEY is more taboo than SEX in France!  #seriously

But in my North American culture, we throw money in your face like we just don't care- and we aren’t (always) ashamed to openly talk about how much we earn. 

Out for dinner & drinks with some friends, the conversation went a little something like this:

(translated to english bien sur!)

said person's argument:

HER: "Why should anyone deserve to earn 4000 € a day ? All those millionaires and billionaires, they don’t actually work! They just lay around at the beach and it’s us employees who are slaves"

  • ME: "umm….My parents earn a lot of money and they most certainly work"

  • HER: “really? but do they earn  like 4000 a day?"
  • ME: I count in my head. “yeah actually, they do."

  • HER: “oh… I’m sorry” She awkwardly looks down as if I morphed into some type of alien.

While I can’t say (yet) I run my own millionaire dollar business. My parents do. And I can say with gratitude that growing up, while they aren’t always present, they were ALWAYS working. And it’s only been in the past few years that they’ve really been able to start enjoying life, “laying at the beach” and appear to do “nothing” as some people unjustly claim. 

part of me was even defensive because - thinking back on my childhood, how I WISHED my parents would have been home more often. 

But they weren’t.

Cos they were out building their businesses.

Earning money.

So my sister and I could live the lifestyle that we did. 

So needless to say, I wanted to punch this girl in the face. As though she just insulted my life and my family. I had been so irritated for a few days afterwards.

“ slooooow down Brittany! “ This has nothing to do with me. And it’s true, it didn’t. She didn’t expect me to admit my parents are millionaires. And she also didn’t expect me to prove her theory wrong.

And from an outside perspective, if you do have a ceiling salary, it seems unfathomable, unjust that you could earn SO much money.

Then I dug a little deeper and realized- wow! maybe I, myself didn't believe it was justified to earn $4000 / day. BINGO!

I’m curious to know if you’ve ever experienced one of these types of moments ? Did someone else’s money beliefs trigger you ? Did you not agree ? Did you speak up ? Or did you refrain from trying to justify, explain and convince ?