3 essential elements of an Iconic Brand: Clarity, Specialisation & Consistency

3 essential elements of an Iconic Brand: Clarity, Specialisation & Consistency


As a personal brand, YOU are your brand. YOU are your business.

Your brand must clearly express to your audience WHO you are and WHAT you do.

ie. Untamed Revolution stands for freedom, being fearless in life and business

The visual aesthetics of your brand such as logo, photos, flyers, graphics, website etc are just the wrapping of your gift. What’s INSIDE the box is the powerful content, clear brand values, the foundation of who you are, what you do and why. 

Keep your message simple! If people can’t figure out who you are or what you do, you



In an overcrowded market place, it’s conventional knowledge that you need to STAND OUT from your competitors. 

You want to position yourself in a unique way. What is your selling point ? How are you actually different from your competitors ? (i.e. if you work in the coaching industry; do you just sell e-courses for passive income? - as this seems to be a trend. What about all the potential clients that are craving for 1:1 work with accountability and customized action plans ?

Are you a life coach ? What does that mean ? What specifically do you help people with ? Where does your training and philosophy come from? (ie. Tony Robbins, Dr. Demartini etc)

Are you a business coach? Who specifically do you help? Online businesses? Local businesses? Soul-based? Artistic? Financial and accounting ? Are you in the food and beverage industry? What about hotel and tourism? Every industry and business is different. You can't help everyone!

example: What makes my acting coaching business different here in France?

  • I bring my North American flavour
  • I have a double Masters degree and I wrote my thesis on the actors craft
  • I infuse personal development and personal branding in my way of teaching actors



your business and brand must be treated like a planted seed. At first, you might have limited visibility but your brand still needs to be cultivated, even as its growing and finally bursting out of the soil like a blooming flower. Being consistent in your messaging, branding and marketing is what will make you credible and trustworthy.

Do you maintain the same values? Do you persevere even when the market is slow?

Typically your brand will start to get noticed and appreciated after multiple exposures. And it’s very important that each exposure is consistent so you can create a strong brand image and lasting impact. 

A few questions you can start asking yourself:


1. What are 3 key concept that represent you and your brand?

(i.e.. fearless hustle, passionate, joyful, freedom, intuitive, chic, )

2. Can you state in 1-2 sentences what exactly it is you do and by what means ?

(ie. I am an acting coach for amateur actors who use personal development and self discovery to unlock different characters within themselves. I do this with 1:1 coaching, workshops and classes.

3.What is your unique selling point? What makes you special?

(ie. I specifically work with amateur actors to tap into their natural abilities by drawing on techniques from Tony Robbins, Bernard Hiller and NLP. This makes me different because most acting coaches work on old, stale methods from the 20th century. )