R.I.P the Rags-to-Riches Brand Story



" I went from living in my parents basement to creating a thriving 6 figure business in less an a year"

I almost cringe when I see this now as it's been so overused as an industry standard for success.

NEWSFLASH: the rags to riches story doesn't work anymore.


imagine Hollywood kept coming out with the same movie plots? (Wait..err) 

The story loses its impact.

Why? Because it's so misused AND overused :

❌  it's not inspiring

❌ your client or audience can't imagine themselves having similar results therefore Story is ineffective

❌ it leaves out too many details that make you question the truthfulness

❌ it emphasizes the triumph and not the trials

❌  it doesn't create an emotional connection with someone

❌ it makes you come across as bragging. #sorrynotsorry

You want to pick your story (aka, the hook) in relation to your client- audience -service- product.

 What part of your story does your audience NEED to hear in order to grow and take action?

Bragging about your achievements isn't going to be their stepping stone!

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