Understanding = The Key To Your Client's Heart

Understanding = The Key To Your Client's Heart


Happy Sunday from Paris!

I want to tell you how to infuse your values, beliefs, experiences + stories in a way that makes your client/customer/audience:

  • admire you
  • agree with you
  • understand you
  • feel understood
  • want to work with you or buy your products

In the following video/audio, you'll learn:

  • How your biggest asset could be the thing you're hiding the most
  • FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL formula: how to connect with your audience by using YOUR stories + hitting emotional buttons
  • Taking an uninspired statement and turning it into a social story

Admittedly, this is one of those crazy tech stories where my live stream was accidentely deleted, and I did everything in my power to salvage it because I believe the content was so powerful. If you can get through the blurryness +shakiness of the video, I hope you enjoy watching! If you're a perfectionist like me and it triggers your OCD ...feel free to listen to the audio file I have made available! 


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We will:

  •  Identify what makes YOU and your BUSINESS unique
  • Uncover stories/anecdotes/experiences that showcase how you embody  your brand, values + business
  • Create a juicy inventory of Social Stories readily available to share online