3 Tips To Unapologetically Show Up As You


I hope your New Years is off to a fabulous start, because you deserve it!

I have to be honest about something. The last 6 months of 2017 for me were excruciating. After having so much momentum, I pulled an emergency break on my life + business. I found myself, back against the wall, having to go on a hiatus in order to heal myself. (My last 6-figure business nearly had me succumb to anti-depressants) I actually didn’t realize this until recently but I had been holding myself back because in my mind…


Have you ever held yourself back because you feared the success and the hustle ? Have you ever been afraid to lose yourself in your work ?

Here’s the deal: when you are the face of your business + brand, you have to unapologetically show up as yourself and BE yourself. And love yourself.


Here Are My 3 Tips To Unapologetically Show Up As You


(not the one you think people want to hear). Show up as the hero in your story (not victim!) and take us on your journey. Don't sugarcoat or over glorify your experiences. Help your client/customer be the hero in their story too!


It's your secret weapon. It's contagious. People will be captivated by you and they'll hire you because they want to elevate to your level. Be responsible for your energy, your inner-healing and commit to a daily (spiritual) practice to always raise your vibration!


Don't apologize for being you. Silence your mind + let your intuition guide you to what feels right in every business decision you make. You don't need others to validate you, approve of you, or have unsolicited advice from strangers online. We can't control what someone else says/does/writes, BUT we can control our experience around it!


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So where have I been the last month ? Well... 3 countries and 6 different flights!  Here are some of my BIG takeaways in bite-size form!

Healing my Root Chakra - healing my relationship with my family + myself

This means being an investigator and really objectively questioning the things I was taught growing up.

I had some pretty bad messaging that set me up for massive stress, heartbreak and lack of boundaries. This is the first time that I’ve been able to take a step back and either accept or reject statements and comments from my family.

Example: “ Most successful people are alcoholics- because they are so crazy driven to succeed, but struggle with coping.”

LESSON: Thanks Mom, but this is not true for me! I can be healthy and successful.

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Los Cabos, Mexico is a place that used to hold bad memories for myself. I swore I would never return. And yet I found myself back there and it was a magical experience.

LESSON: Change is possible.

You can be in the same PHYSICAL place, and your INNER WORLD can be completely different. You can detach negative feelings from places and experiences. It’s an inner-shift!






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I started mastermind-ing with Mary back in July. We met through a program we did. Every week, and soon every day we were face-timing and holding each other accountable to our goals. I knew I'd be in Toronto over the holidays..which isn't soooo far from NYC. But could I really get there? The timing is wrong, the flights are expensive last minute and WHO do I think I am to just jet off to NYC for a day? 

The question is...who am I NOT to follow my desires? And just like that, I made the decision. 

LESSON: everything I desire is already mine. I challenged myself to make it happen, and it did!

BONUS LESSON: To become the woman you're meant to be, you have to make decisions differently! 



Giving yourself permission is like a muscle- keep strengthening it and you’ll be amazed at what you can do!

So what do I have in store for 2018? SO MANY AMAZING THINGS. And you'll be the first to know about it! 

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Can't wait to chat!

Can't wait to chat!

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