{ THE PRICE OF SILENCE } - enrollment open for Audaciously You On Camera


{ THE PRICE OF SILENCE } - enrolment open for Audaciously You On Camera

After working with over a dozen women last week, all in different industries, the ability to boldly share your message, show up on camera and promote their businesses came down to four things:

  1. Having a really strong message, but not the voice/camera presence to carry + deliver it

  2. Having the utmost confidence in conviction in WHAT you stand for, but the message isn’t landing with people and needs tweaking

  3. Your ability to article on camera with a strong voice that instills trust + likeability

  4. Having the courage to show up, own your brilliance and be visible

Some of the women I spoke to had a strong voice, but lacked clarity on their actual message or brand voice.. Others had a shake in their voice because they were SCARED to share their opinion, scared of the judgement. 


The good news is, BOTH these things are fixable with clarity, easy tweaks +  vocal/on-camera exercises.  

This is why I teach a combination of confidence- energy - voice - presence - message - story.

So, what’s the price of silence?

Business, sales, collaborations, growing your business, getting your message out there, living a fulfilled life. (I know, because I’ve been there several times)

My Questions to you:

+ Is your fear of showing up on camera preventing you from really showing up in a powerful way on social media, talking about + sharing your business ?

+ Does the sound of your own voice make you cringe?

+ Do you feel extremely passionate in what you do, but can’t seem to find the words to convey that passion + conviction?

+ Do you wish you could express yourself with more ease + flow?

Introducing AUDACIOUSLY YOU ON CAMERA - 1 month voice + on camera presence program to awaken your voice, tap into your truth and shine on camera!


  • Awakening the power in your voice

  • Getting over codependency and the toxic need to please or avoid criticism

  • Vocal techniques to communicate with confidence and conviction

  • How to captivate your audience with your presence and energy 

  • The art of storytelling and messaging that lands with people

  • Tapping into your true source of confidence, self-love, filling up your self-worthiness cup and overcoming any beliefs holding you back from truly shining and being visible.

  • Picking the defining moments + hooks in your story that create that know-like-trust factor and truly resonate with and inspire your clients to take action.


-voice and on-camera assessment

-three (3) sessions for creative brainstorming, voice/on-camera training, overcoming visibility blocks

-feedback and notes on all videos (livestreams + prerecorded)

-feedback and notes on all content creation, script writing, story writing


I’m taking you from: 

intimidated + unknown to BOLD + CONFIDENT.

From multiple-brand personality to UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU

From hidden gem to DISCOVERED + FULLY BOOKED

There’s a -$200 OFF coupon available, send me a PM, head over to untamedrevolution .com or email me at hello@untamedrevolution.com