The art of connecting with your audience/client/customer


The art of connecting with your audience/client/customer

I’m on a mission. After a recent health scare (more on that later) I realized that I wasn’t truly connecting with you, my audience, my soulmate clients. 

I was scared.

I had the confidence that I’m really good at what I do, my clients ALWAYS get results, but I feared how an unknown audience/person would react to me. 

Here’s the deal…. Your service creates a result/transformation

Your STORY is the piece that connects you to the heart of your soulmate client. 

It creates TRUST.

“She will understand me, because she’s been there”


“She’s just like me. She’s human. We’re all on the same level”

Here are 3 prompts I want you to consider while writing content (written, video, IG stories) to actually CONNECT to your audience. (Cos marketing is about CONNECTION and COMMUNICATION)

+ what does my ideal client need to believe in order to move forward?

Ie. “My soulmate client needs to understand it’s SAFE to put her message out there and that it’s POSSIBLE to become whole again after emotional abuse”

+ What does my dream client need to hear most right now?

Ie. “She needs to know that reconnection to yourself is what will set you free from the expectations of others and that she already has the key inside her.”

+ What do YOU want people to know that you had to learn the hard way?

Ie. “Taking radical self responsibility for my life and how I show up in business and my art is ENTIRELY up to me. I gave MYSELF permission. And OH MY GOD, am I ever free now!!!!

See how I answered my questions and they all build off each other ? 

I started to use my soul mate client’s LANGUAGE… infuse MY STORY ….

And things have been really busy over at the UNTAMED HQ.

  • Fill the gaps with your story

  • Understand your voice

  • Reclaim your inner power

  • Give yourself permission

  • Step into your Queendom

  • Become the CREATOR

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