{ Radical self Honesty }


How willing are you to be radically honest with yourself?


Here is my truth:

I knew I couldn’t sit around and wait to be discovered or wait to have someone else finance one of my films

So I took matters into my own hands:

+ I started to study the technical aspects of film 

+ I started offering acting-on-camera classes and essentially getting PAID to learn how to operate a camera 

+I started being offered collaborations on music videos

+I started entering short film festivals 

+I started charging $2500+ for video production for indépendant clients 

As for the performer in me?

+ I wrote and starred in my own shorts

+ I invested in a music producer to get my song recorded

+ I invested in a really talented photographer to create my cover art 

Notice the themes?

I started. I invested.

We live in a world where we no longer need to pass through the gatekeepers of whatever industry. 

Write and self publish your book

Get on live-streams, host your own event, speak on your own stage

Start your own podcast, create an online summit / show

Self produce and invest in the creation of your art 

LAUNCH a business with little to no capital 

The only thing holding you back...

Is probably you. 

Because we tell ourselves all these stories of why we can’t

We discredit our own ability to accomplish amazing things

We falsely believe that “someone else” above us has to CHOOSE us (publishing houses, agents, angel investors, etc)

This is what taking radical self responsibility means to me.

And it starts with radical self honesty

What am I willing to let go of in order to live my BEST life?

Learn to trust yourself again.

Learn to hear your intuition again.

Learn to honour YOU again.

This is just one aspect we’ll be covering in REBEL. RECLAIM. RECONNECT. REINVENT 6 week intimate + creative group program. (more details coming oh-so-soon!)


In the meantime, I invite you to join my brand new Facebook Group Sanctuary!

{ For the woman who wants to REBEL against society/cultural programming, RECLAIM what she knows to be true for her, RECONNECT with her highest self and REINVENT how she chooses to show up in the world }

You will totally be at home in this space if you:

+ long for a sisterhood and safe community to feel seen and be heard

+ want to master the art of speaking on camera and sharing your message in an impactful way (hint: it’s all about storytelling!)

+ learn more about radical self honesty so you can trust in yourself and intuition and not always rely on the opinions and thoughts of others

I’ll be doing live trainings myself, bringing in guest speakers on a wide range of topics and there to support YOU in any way!

So, seriously, come on in!!