How to use PR & Media in your Business // Interview With Queen Chioma

::: You’ve got Q’s, we’ve got A’s! :::

  • Learn how someone new to business can use Media & PR

  • Find out how to identify the hook in your story to pitch to the media

  • What is a PR calendar and how do you utilize it to your advantage

  • What are the rules for following up after pitching?

  • Discover how to make your own Press Kit

Learn More About Queen Chioma 

Queen Chioma Nworgu, MA, BA (hons) is a International Motivational Speaker, a Singer, Success Coach, TV Presenter and the Director of UK's Dazzling Beauty. She was born and raised in Great Britain and her heritage is Nigerian. She was born in Southampton and lives in London where she has lived since she was a little girl.                                                                                

Queen Chioma first appeared on TV when she was about 8 years old. Then went onto TV again when she was 19. In 2008 she landed a big opportunity to interviewed on Hidden Treasures on Ben TV and since then she has had over 150 TV appearances across various TV Channels which include ITV 1, BBC, MTV, Living TV, RSTV (Nigeria), Dutch TV and Latin TV. She has worked as a
TV Presenter/Co-Host/Guest Speaker on Lizzy Show Ben TV for several years. You can watch the show every Tuesdays on Ben TV Sky 182 6.30pm - 7pm on Sky Digital. She was also a TV Host for the TV Programme on Ben TV called UK Policies for 7 weeks in 2011 where she got to interview high profile people in the Media and Politics, along with Big CEO's of organisations. Her biggest TV appearance on TV was on a show called Dinner Date on ITV in 2012 which has aired on several channels on Sky since then. The show has been repeated on ITV 2 and ITVBe this year (2016).