Giving *Yourself* Permission To Shine


Everyone has a message to share + contribute.
Your life experience has SO much value.

So many of my clients tell me they are rebels at heart.
That they want to unleash + UNTAME their message.
In the most audacious way

And of course, I attract like minded people!

But first, I want to tell you a story about my own wounded inner child :( (it has a happy ending!)

My work has evolved. It’s not about how to share your story in a compelling + effective way.

Yes IMPACT is key
Yes INSPIRATION is important
Yes INCOME is vital 

But I’ve realized there’s an even more important story to shine light on:

What story are you telling yourself?
What story are you telling yourself about what’s POSSIBLE for you?

lil britt.png

This is me at age 8 or so.
All I wanted growing up was to have real friends.
That were kind, caring and true. 
I wanted to feel important
To be on stage
To be seen

But like most self fulfilling prophecies…
I ended up repelling the very thing I longed for.

I was heavily bullied in school
People didn’t like me
Or see me for me

I didn’t understand why

So I gave up on friends
And dedicated myself to my work 
And eventually my career

As an actor + dancer, the only place I could shine was on stage

But slowly over time, I started to dim my light
Fit in
Be safe
Be vanilla

As a protection mechanism. 
My desire to be liked became stronger than my burning desire to lead
So I hid behind other people’s stories

I stopped auditioning and performing
And I started directing shows and short films

I promised my 9 year old self that I’d go back and save her.
I’d fulfill my promise to pursue my wildest, most bold, most audacious dreams.
To live the best damn life
To be a massive influence
To be F A M O U S
(For a good cause)

This is me today, living out my dreams. I’ve gone back to save myself.
(And I’m staring in my OWN movies!)

Everyone has a message to share + contribute.
Your life experience has SO much value

So many of my clients tell me they are rebels at heart
That they want to unleash + UNTAME their message
In the most audacious way

And of course, I attract like minded people!

My story attracts dream clients because they’ve felt the SAME as me.

Can you relate ?

If you feel:
+ ready to let go of the stories (lies) you’ve been telling yourself
+ your business dreams and desires have gone from whispers to a LOUD calling
+ you’re ready AF to elevate your online presence and expand your impact

I want to invite you to a soul chat with me.

I want to help you tap into your own #WhiteHotTruth of your story, help you position yourself as the leader you are + step up and serve.

Is your inner child crying like mine was?

When you own the light + shadows, you heal yourself.
And you can radically change someone else’s life. 

Today, my business allows me so much freedom.
I get to travel the world and work on film projects.
I get to invest my money into artistic pursuits- like recording an album, writing a book, entering a film festival!

My clients are increasing their confidence on camera, they are consistently putting themselves out there, they are launching soul aligned businesses, their programs are selling out.


1. FREEDOM is my foundation and I’ll never put you or your story into a box or template.
2. As a triple clair- sentient, voyant + cognizant, I see you, I feel you and I hear you. 
3. I approach branding in a HOLISTIC way: that means teaching you to brand yourself from the inside out by mastering your emotions, your stories, your past and finding the power in your shame/hurt/
4. As a successful business owner + creative director PR genius, I know what works and the fastest way to connect to someone’s heart. Seriously… it’s a super power!!! (I’ve produced + promoted dozens of shows and films by selling out seats and getting an audience on board a movement or mission.)

From unknown to unforgettable!
From multiple brand personality to unapologetically showing up as yourself!

Most people fall flat when it comes to brand storytelling for 3 reasons:

+ They don’t know how to structure their story in a way that engages their audience

+ They make it TOO much about them, and not enough about their client/customer/audiences PAIN PLEASURE points

+ They fail to put themselves out there at all.

When you understand the power in your story… you OWN it
When you embody your message…marketing becomes EASY

Book your soul chat or dive feet first into my Brand Story 1-Month Intensive

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