Fighting Resistance Is A Conscious Battle (Podcast #1)

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I feel it everyday. 

I bought the famous director Werner Herzog's Film Making Masterclass course.

I wondered if I was REALLY worthy to learn new skills at my age.

(aren't you only supposed to learn at university?)

I bought a very pricey new film camera 

I thought, who am I to spend the price of a small car on a piece of equipment that I barely know how to use?

I created my opt-in + email sequence and set up all the tech aspects

I judged myself - who would ever care about what I have to say? Who am I to make a sales funnels 3 years into my business?

Success is meant for THEM. 

My thought pattern has an autopilot pattern of: DON'T LET BRITTANY GROW + SUCCEED. I consciously have to stop the broken record playing. 

But just because your brain has a reflex, doesn't mean it"s true. 

For me, this comes from years of being compliant, obedient, and allowing others to define me.

If I stepped out of this pattern, I would no longer be who THEY wanted me to be.

Part of being UNTAMED is about shaking off the false beliefs about you and the false image people have created of you. 

CHOOSE who you are. Say HELL YES to what you want, what your soul needs. WEAR that sparkly low cut shirt cos it makes you feel like a million bucks. EAT that extra scoop of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream. GO OVER BUDGET and buy that car, that course, that camera, that spa day. 

This is your life. You are driving. Tell self-doubt + fear to TAKE THE BUS. Faith, passion + joy are already there and the car is full.

I invite you to join me on this journey of giving yourself permission to live your Untamed Life. Start that business. Up level your business. Make that income leap. Let's do this together!







And the best brands are built on great stories.

We will:

  •  Identify what makes YOU and your BUSINESS unique
  • Uncover stories/anecdotes/experiences that showcase how you embody  your brand, values + business
  • Create a juicy inventory of Social Stories readily available to share online