Welcome To Your Untamed Life

Hello and happy FRIDAY!!

omg omg omg I am over the moon excited to share with you my latest creation and it represents EVERYTHING that I am about:

2 minutes + 35 seconds of absolute truth


You know something? My passion around branding hasn’t actually come from a “marketing” point of view.

Because, truth be told, I couldn’t give a crap about “marketing”.

What I do care about though is helping real people share their real story, not just for the sake of a sale, but to truly aid in the healing process that happens when one human is truthful, and another human absorbs that truth. (Because in that moment, magic happens, both personally and professionally)

But when you don’t have a clear sense of self, it’s easy to let other people define your story and therefore, take your power, and STUNT your marketing efforts.

Regardless of whether or not you want to call it your “brand”, we make people feel a certain way around us - we leave a mark. And in this age of Social Media, good marketing IS all about leveraging our personality in an authentic way.

When I boil it down though, there were 2 things I had to let go of before I could step into my truest self…


  1. Stop caring what people think. Saying NO to other people’s perceptions, and clearing up misconceptions about who I am by - literally - owning who I am in my daily interactions.

  2. Letting GO. Growing up, I was always told that I had raw talent, and I always thought that everything had to come naturally. I didn’t really get that there was space to grow - if I wasn’t a natural born rockstar at it, then why try? When I let go of that, I was able to let go of inspiration crushing perfectionism, and truly become myself all of the time.

I had to believe in myself, BEFORE other people could believe in me.

It’s *your* responsibility to be *aware* of who you are and how you want to show up, so that you CAN be in the driver’s seat about how people perceive and interact with you and your brand.

And on the most powerful ways to be in control of your brand? Showing up on video.

It puts you in the driver’s seat. You have CONTROL over how you show up, and you can truly use all of yourself- visually - verbally - aesthetically - to show the world who you really are.

SO, throw on your most badass outfit, (or your coziest sweater) and check out all the ways I can support your brand video journey right now (some of these are limited time, limited space offers, so listen up!)


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I don’t want you to waste another minute wondering if you’re good enough, or feeling like a chameleon, always pleasing others - and never yourself.

It’s time to take back control, let go, and BE.

Let’s capture that magic on camera, shall we ;)?

Bisous from Paris,