Brand, Interrupted: 90 Day Brand Story + Video Strategy Mentorship

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There’s a spark burning inside of you, a message buried deep down, a mission and purpose to fulfil.

There’s a business or an artistic project waiting to bloom, a book to be written, a TED talk to be spoken, a video to be filmed and shared.

Being the face of your brand, embodying everything you stand for, making an impact and an income is where you desire to be.

It’s time to ignite that fire and let your message spread like wildfire!



For high performing, heart centered coaches, artists and entrepreneurs who are TOP LEADERS and are ready to shine on camera, fully express their message, gain more confidence and IMPROVE their brand story.


Untamed. Unapologetic. Unfiltered.

Everyone has a story to tell. Your story MATTERS.

But HOW you tell it matters more!


Your story matters. But HOW you tell it, matters more! When you communicate your message with clarity, confidence and conviction…it leads to 2 things:


Are you wondering…

  • What’s my story and how to I tell it to get clients?

  • How can I use my story to create connection and trust with my audience?

  • How can I stop hiding behind my words and speak from my heart on camera?

  • How do I express the value in my services/products?

When you are unclear on WHO you are and find yourself mimicking other brands, people, or messaging, it not only affects your confidence to put yourself out there but it leaves you feeling at a standstill. #storyofmylife

I know you, I hear you, I see you. You’re a wild one! #Untamed

+ You want to feel SO grounded in your vision and your message that you can shout it from the rooftops

+ You desire to have the confidence to use your voice + communicate with passion and charisma (on camera, on stage..)

+ You want to understand how to intentionally share your story in a way that connects with and attracts new clients, customers or projects

+ You dream of creating stunning brand videos and content that truly represents you and expresses your uniqueness

I’m curious- do either of these two resonate with you?


My clients explain me and my work better than I do…

(in 3 minutes!)



 + Making peace with your past, your story and embracing all the experiences as stepping stones to where you are today

 + Dropping the co-dependency and fear around what others think and just hitting PUBLISH on your posts

 + Detaching your self-worth from external things like your clients results or the # of likes/followers or subscribers

 + Making decisions quickly, boldly and trusting your intuition as your inner GPS

 +Embodying your brand to its fullest and attracting a like minded tribe of people

+ Tapping into the power of your chakras and mastering your energy

 +Being confident AF in promoting yourself, your business, your art, your services or products

 +Getting NOTICED and invited to speak, be featured on interviews, podcasts, summits, events, etc..

Imagine feeling a sense of inner peace in understanding your journey, gifts, and talent and how you use it to fuel your purpose.


This is an intimate + creative mentorship experience that blends your inner + outer world.

My mission is to teach you how to empower yourself + activate your power within so you can trust your intuition, make confident decisions and boldly lead.

We then combine that newly unleashed clarity with VISUALS. I use my creative eye and strategically + intentionally curate a visual identity that showcases the BEST of you to your right people.


  • Understanding who you are, your fascination factor, connecting the dots, uncovering compelling stories

  • Radical self-love, master your emotions and channeling an unstoppable confidence

  • Releasing past guilt + shame, childhood trauma

  • Getting comfortable with sharing + vulnerability and chakra-infused self-care practices


  • Curating a visually compelling brand that takes the best of your inner world and brings it to life through your messaging:

  • Everything from writing, copy, promotional material, social media presence

  • Visual aspects of photography that express your personality, signature brand videos that capture your essence or video series that tie together your core themes/concept of your message.


From multiple-brand personality disorder to unapologetically showing up as yourself!


The details:

+ SELF: the courage + bravery to share the hard truths of your life + story, releasing past shame & regret so you can create magic in the present moment, getting comfortable with vulnerability and visibility, how to create and maintain boundaries, releasing any fear around hurting/offending people whilst revealing intimate details of your journey , owning your self-worth + boosting your net worth

+ STORY: Honing in on your story + the defining moments in your life, how to share the most truthful + authentic parts of your story, pinpointing how your story relates back to your dream client/customer or audience, getting clarity on defining your brand style + voice, expressing the value in your service/product, Public Persona: make strategic decisions on what to share / what not to share 

+ VISUAL/ VERBAL MESSAGING: How to use video marketing (video series creation + strategic brainstorming ), curating social stories that are real, raw + relatable, media + guest pitches : knowing what to share and to whom, Planning a photoshoot that showcases your personality and embodies your style. outfits - location - props - style - storytelling.

What’s included:

+ My Signature 10 page Welcome Pack to dive deep and make the most of our time together

+ One 90-min kick off intensive where we home in on your signature brand story

+ Eight 60-min creative sessions to turn dreams and ideas into concrete results

+ Voxer (voice messaging) access + support in-between sessions for when extra questions come up

+ FREE access to all my resources and trainings to fill in any gaps!

+ A surprise gift! (cos all my clients are queens and deserve it!)

Like Maya Angelou says, there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Let's get you to inner freedom + a brand you're madly in love with!