You've got a little fire inside of you.  You’ve got brilliant ideas.  You're an expert at what you do. You've cultivated and mastered your craft, skill, talent. You're ready to make an impact. You want a profitable business. You desire a captivating personal brand with raving fans. 

I know you, too, are not like everyone else. #untamed

But, are you wondering...

  • What parts of my story do I share?
  • What parts are relevant to my business?
  • How do I craft my story and message in a way that's real + relatable?
  • How do I create my public persona, yet still be authentically me?
  • How do I use photography and video to really showcase my personality?
  • What makes me stand out and be unique in my industry?
  • How can I use more video in my business so people really connect to me and my mission?

Darling, are you ready to curate your top-notch brand that makes you feel proud, confident + excited to stand out and spread your message like wildfire ?

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4 reasons why your Brand Story is so important:

What makes a powerful + magnetic brand ? 

When someone says "Wow! ME TOO! They REALLY understand me!" That's when you know your message has an impact and your brand is on-point! You see, people don't buy your WHAT. They buy your WHY. They want to work with you because they connect to your story. Your experiences, anecdotes + personality are what will make YOU fascinating and stand out among the others.

::: They want to work with you because your energy is vibrant and contagious :::


I hear you. I see you. I will tap into your true story.

(The real story, not the one you've been hiding behind.)

You don't need to have all the answers right now. 

That’s where I step in. I listen to you and I am able to intuitively pull out the parts of your story that make YOU a captivating brand.

It's a gentle and gradual self-awareness process, helping you unfold what makes you unique (even though maybe you knew it inside all along!)



::: Your Brand Story experience will be unique and personalized, but these are some areas we may cover :::


I designed my high-level 1:1 program to help you:

  • Become your most exquisite self and reach your next level of expansion
  • Map out your signature brand story and leverage it in your business
  • Pinpoint how your story relates to your client or customer and their current struggles, fears, desires & dreams so that you can connect a more profound level
  • Design a visual brand that truly showcases the best version of you
  • Curate a magnetic message and brand story that spreads like wildfire 


From shushed + silenced

To bold + confident

From multiple-brand personality disorder to

Unapologetically showing up as you

From hidden gem to

fully booked

ThE BRAND STORY AWAKENING program includes:

  • Unlimited email access to me throughout our 3 months together to hold you accountable and help you implement along the way
  • One 15 min "emergency" or "quick inspiration" call per month, if needed. (Cos sometimes things come up!)
  • Access to all my resources and video trainings available
  • A surprise gift! (Cos you deserve it!)

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Like Maya Angelou says, there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Let's get you to inner freedom + a brand you're madly in love with!


Have you ever felt frustrated about not knowing how you want to show up in the world? Or how people perceive you and/or your brand? Do you constantly wonder which parts of yourself to reveal or hide in your business?

I, too, suffered from "Multiple Brand Personality Disorder."

For most of my life, I operated out of a place of fear: I felt like I had to be a chameleon and please everyone. I would adapt and change my personality based on who I was speaking to, my mood, or my level of confidence in that particular moment. I changed my branding and messaging more than I changed my clothes on a bad hair day.


My lack of self-confidence left me in a perpetual brand-identity crisis. I was easily swayed and influenced by others in this constant search for myself.

Instead of being a leader, I chose to be liked. And following the crowd was definitely NOT in alignment with my #UNTAMED brand.

My journey didn’t have a single rock bottom moment, but rather a series of nudges of highs and lows and frustrations along the way. I very reluctantly followed the breadcrumbs to where I am today.

I finally decided to embrace all the different sides of me.

It was not an overnight process. But it started with a conscious decision: a decision to just be myself.

When I was able to connect the dots between all the life events that lead me to my line of work today, I was able to accomplish amazing things:

  • I built an unshakeable confidence to consistently put myself out there

  • My story worked as a marketing tool to attract the most amazing dream clients and projects

  • My business grew and I was able to hire team members

  • I manifested my dream apartment in the most expensive city in the world: PARIS!

  • I removed the smoke screen of self-judgement and surrendered to finding inner peace with the path I’m on.

  • I started getting guest interviews on podcasts, videos and in magazines

This is totally possible for you too!

Once you get clear on your Signature Brand Story and how to leverage it, everything falls into place!