So, what’s your story?

1 Month Brand Story Intensive with Brittany Hammond

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There’s a spark burning inside of you, a message buried deep down, a mission and purpose to fulfil.

There’s a business or an artistic project waiting to bloom, a book to be written, a TED talk to be spoken, a video to be filmed and shared.

Being the face of your brand, embodying everything you stand for, making an impact and an income is where you desire to be.

It’s time to ignite that fire and let your message spread like wildfire!

I know you, I hear you, I see you. You’re a wild one! #Untamed

But, are you wondering...

  • What is my story and how does it relate to my business?

  • How do I craft my story and message in a way that's real + relatable?

  • How do I express the value in my services/products?

  • How do I use photography and video to really showcase my personality?

  • What makes me stand out and be unique in my industry?

  • How can I use more video in my business so people really connect to me and my mission?

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What’s your Signature Brand Story + why does it matter ?

Everyone and every brand or business has a story. It’s the core foundation of what you do and why.


You can have the BEST service/product but if people can’t connect to your message then they either 1- won’t hire you or want to collaborate or 2- they won’t feel confident in investing with you.



People want to feel like they trust you before they reveal their dreams, fears, desires, fears or struggles.



Keep the honey for your pancakes, here at the UNTAMED HQ, we don’t sugarcoat stories. Real, raw and honest is our approach!


3 things happen when you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your story:

+ You’re confident AF in promoting yourself, your business, your products or services.

+ Sales become E-A-S-Y because people already know that you are the one for them.

+ You get NOTICED and suddenly invited to speak, featured on interviews, podcasts, summits, events, etc.

There’s a fourth thing that happens:

+ You feel a sense of inner peace in understanding your journey, gifts, and talent and how you use it to fuel your purpose.


I’m curious- do either of these two resonate with you?


 I hear you. I see you. I will tap into your true story.

(The real story, not the one you've been hiding behind.)

You don't need to have all the answers right now. 

That’s where I step in. I listen to you and I am able to intuitively pull out the parts of your story that make YOU a captivating brand.

I gather the most relatable and pertinent themes and concepts that will be a mirror back to your audience.

It’s an art + a science.

It's a gentle and gradual self-awareness process, helping you unfold what makes you unique (even though maybe you knew it inside all along!)








+ Showcasing who you are as a person, brand or business and feeling so confident and unstoppable

+ Telling your story that attracts the right audience and sharing your message across several platforms

+ Creating a deeper connection with your clients, customers or audience

+ Knowing what to write and how to express the value in your offerings, site copy and social media presence

+ Curating compelling visuals (ie. photoshoots, brand videos etc) that truly set you apart

That’s what we do here at the UNTAMED HQ!

(Payment is required in full to reserve your session. You will receive a welcome email and a calendar link to schedule once payment has been made.)

(Payment is required in full to reserve your session. You will receive a welcome email and a calendar link to schedule once payment has been made.)

I designed my high level intensive to help you:

  • Map out the defining moments in your Brand Story

  • Pin-point how this relates to your client/customer and their current struggles, fears, desires & dreams

  • Design a visual brand that truly showcases the best version of you

  • Curate your message and Brand Story that spreads like wildfire 


This intensive includes:

  • My Signature 10 page Welcome Pack to help you gain clarity on what direction you want to take your brand (so that our time together is laser-focused on YOU & achieving results)

  • 90 min kick off intensive focusing on 1-2 areas of your choice

  • Two 45 minute calls

  • A personalised PDF Brand Story Map summarizing what we talked about + your next action steps of how to implement

  • 30 days of Voxer (voice messaging) support throughout the month

  • Bonus: Access to my Brand Story Video training


Your Brand Story experience will be unique + personalized, but these are some areas we may focus on in our 30 day intensive program:


Story + Messaging

  • Honing in on your story + the defining moments in your life

  • Mapping out the anatomy of your story (the breakdown- the breakthrough - divine clarity/shareable message)

  • pinpointing how your story relates back to your dream client/customer or audience

  • how to share the most truthful + authentic parts of your story

  • Public Persona: make strategic decisions on what to share / what not to share 

  • Get clarity on defining your brand style + voice 

Verbal Storytelling

  • curating social stories that are real, raw + relatable 

  • creating top-notch landing pages and sales pages 

  • sharing your story through email marketing, solo mailers, sales funnels 

  • media + guest pitches : knowing what to share and to whom

Visual Storytelling

  • Planning a photoshoot that showcases your personality and embodies your style. outfits - location - props - style - storytelling. (A picture speaks a thousand words!)

  • Brand Video: creative direction, coming up with story concepts, location scouting, script writing, storyboard mapping

  • Establishing which type of Brand Video you need (intro clip, full brand video)

  • How to use video marketing (video series creation + strategic brainstorming ) 

A Sprinkle Of Mindset

  • the courage + bravery to share the hard truths of your life + story

  • releasing past shame & regret so you can create magic in the present moment

  • getting comfortable with vulnerability and visibility

  • how to create and maintain boundaries 

  • releasing any fear around hurting/offending people whilst revealing intimate details of your journey 

  • owning your self-worth + boosting your networth (they are SO related!)


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