Feel Confident In Yourself + Brand, Truly Connect To Your Client + Audience, Attract More Clients + Media Exposure


* The anatomy of a YOUR Brand Story + why it's paramount to your business

* How to tell your authentic story in a strategic way

* Finding the balance between your story AND how it relates to your client/customer/audience

* Why the rags to riches story won't inspire your audience

* Planning a photoshoot that showcases your personality and embodies your style

* Establishing which type of Brand Story Video you need 

* Curating Social Stories that are Real, Raw + Relatable

* ...And MORE!

* Includes 3 video trainings + bonus video and a PDF playbook

* Includes 3 video trainings + bonus video and a PDF playbook

When you feel good about yourself + your brand, you are excited and confident to put yourself out there. When you're crystal clear on your core message, teachings, philosophy, you want to shout it from the rooftops. That's when you're in your sweet spot! That's when money, clients + new projects and media exposure flow in.


If this is our first meeting, enchantée as the french say! I’m Brittany Hammond, the founder of Untamed Lifestyle & Business, and the host of Brand, Interrupted Podcast. I am a Personal Brand Strategist + a Film Maker. Born in Toronto and currently living in Paris! I work with a variety of business owners locally and internationally from writers to actors to coaches/consultants and product-based businesses. I help my clients infuse their personality into their business + brand and craft their brand story in a powerful way that connects + inspires.  I also am an award winning film maker and love writing stories, making videos and short films that reveal the deepest truths of life!

In addition, I am the co-founder of Le Jeu d’Acteur: Stage Intensif & Le Showcase à l’Américaine, a powerful program of live workshops and programs that help actors break through their emotional blocks, discover their unique qualities and leverage their personality on stage or on screen