Sarah Byrd


Sarah Byrd

All about tuning out the marketing messages in the coaching industry that make us feel inadequate, letting go of the beliefs of being broken, being behind and not measuring up to OTHER people’s standards of success + spiritual practices to reconnect to yourself.


“The missing link was that I was working towards something that I didn’t want to do.”- SB

“The downside of inspiring people is the shame that comes when people don’t fulfil their dreams. It’s one thing to inspire someone to go after their dreams and say ‘this is possible for you’, but there’s this cultural, subconscious, unspoken thing in this industry that if you’re not living like Tony Robbins or Gary V and making your own sneaker line, then you haven’t made it or you’re not focused enough on your mindset- oh ‘come hire me’” - SB

“There’s a façade that all the coaches have your answers , locked within them- and that’s simply not true.”



+ Why you’re not broken and how to start asking yourself better questions

+ How to let go of other people’s standards and metrics of success and tune into what YOU actually desire

+ The financial recklessness that goes along with investing in the wrong type of support and why you need to STOP “buying into” the belief that any person has the missing piece to YOUR success

+ Why it’s okay to actually want to live a simple life, and not want the riches and glamours

+ Why coaches and mentors don’t hold all the answers locked within them and why over investing like a crazy person actually sabotages you.

+ Spiritual practices to reconnect with yourself

+ How to stand within your truth amidst criticism

+ All about consensual sales + manipulation: when NO means NO.


Sarah Byrd, Mindfulness & Spirituality Mentor, is steeped in world wisdom traditions. She is trained in and practices Shambhala Buddhism, a Vajrayana lineage. Sarah holds degrees in both Religious Studies and Transpersonal Psychology. She is the founder of Hello Lovely Life, LLC, the host of the Charming Dharma podcast, and the producer and editor of Basic Goodness Magazine. In her spare time she studies Sanskrit and runs a photography business in Boulder, Colorado.

Check out my article in Sarah Byrd’s BASIC GOODNESS magazine, all about healing from a narcissistic relationship (INSTANT ACCESS- no opt-in required!)

You can also tune into Sarah’s CHARMING DHARMA PODCAST where I talk all about AUTHENTICITY.

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