Ep06- Beth Joy Swain


Today we're chatting with a personal client of mine, Beth Joy Swain. She is the founder of BtheJoy Coaching! This episode is all about breaking the cycle of unworthiness, escaping a narcissistic partner, releasing guilt and being the example for our children.


  • Finding yourself again and breaking the cycle of worthlessness [ 3:00 ]
  • Unexpected pregnancy  [ 3:00 ] 
  • Overcoming "earning" your worth [ 5:20 ]
  • Jumping out of the 2nd story window to save your life [ 10:10 ] 
  • Warning signs, and how abusers keep you trapped [ 11:22 ] 
  • Releasing guilt and being the example for our children [ 20:20 ]
  • It's not always a nuclear bomb - It's a series of bumps. Going OFF auto-pilot [ 23:00] 
  • Boundaries + learning to trust yourself [ 28:00 ] 
  • Letting people learn their own lessons [ 30:00 ]  


  • You are loveable. You are beautiful. You are amazing.
  • You have unique gifts and abilities that need to be expressed in the world. And in order for you to do that, and to live into your fullness, you need to let go of your stories and love yourself.

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