Ep04- Micaela Teves On Healing Yourself From Within


This episode is all about healing from within, naturally and without prescription drugs, escaping from a narcissist partner, forgiving yourself for your weaknesses.

Micaela Teves has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, is a Registered Nurse in the USA. Micaela is one of the certified trainers on End- of Life- Care - Nursing -Education Consortium (specialized in pediatrics). Micaela has helped a countless number of families and patients work through issues ranging from the sniffles to demise. Micaela continues to use her own acquired knowledge, skills, attitude, experiences and innate gifts to propel clients towards joy, success and a fulfilled way of living.


  • Healing yourself naturally, prescription meds, and healthy mindful practices [ 2:46 ] 
  • Being an immigrant in the US after the 2008 recession [ 3:50 ]
  • Discovering your husband was a narcissist [ 4:45 ] 
  • Escaping a narcissistic relationship [ 6:15 ] 
  • The "enough is enough' moment [ 7:20 ]
  • Taking ownership for the people we attract into our lives [ 10:32 ] 
  • Forgiving yourself [ 13:00 ] 
  • Forgiving your family, leaving the Philippines [ 17:00 ]   
  • Culture Shock, identity, and adapting to a new life. [ 18 ?? :) ] 
  • Entering a new phase of self-awakening in life and marriage post-divorce [ 22:00 ] 
  • Healing yourself [ 27:00 ] 
  • Alternative to meds, overcoming depression [ 30:00 ] 
  • Where we can find Micaela [ 32:00 ] 



“If we are not in touch with ourselves, our self-worth, and our values, we tend to attract these types of narcissist people..and we don’t realize it... until we are in it.“

“The best way to love a narcissist is to distance yourself from them. It’s the best form of self love you could do for yourself. “

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