Ep02-Brianna Rose On Using Chakras In Your Business



Have you ever done ALL the marketing tactics, used the formulas, hired the coach, joined the mastermind, and STILL not seen the results you desired in your business?

Today's episode is all about mastering your energy, using your chakras and kundalini yoga to elevate your business and show up as the best possible version of you, while healing all wounds- shame, guilt & doubt!

Brianna Rose is a kundalini business coach, intuitive brand stylist, and master energy healer. It's her mission to help Soulpreneurial women achieve full body business BLISS through deep transformational soul work. After your work together,  you'll gain clarity of purpose, how to share your gifts with the world, and tap into your prosperity potential.


  • The emotional side of business and healing yourself through the chakra system  [ 4:02 ]
  • We all have a psychic super power [ 7:33 ]
  • Celebrating 4-year business anniversaries! [ 10:00 ]
  • Traditional business, parents as role models and how the "just get shit done" approach doesn't work anymore. The importance of mindset [ 11:15 ]
  • How to use kundalini to master your energy + creating kriyas [ 18:30 ]
  • Why different strategies + techniques work differently for each person [ 25:05 ]
  • Au revoir cookie cutter coaches and fuck the formulas! [ 25:42 ]
  • How to raise your vibration [ 28:37 ]
  • What is the " I am " movement [ 32:30 ]