Ep09- Gaayathri Periasami

Introducing...Gaayathri Periasami!! 



Key Points:

5:23 my experiences made me resilience. A support system kept me going

7:44 The racial segregation that always existed in Singapour - having darker skin, I was always pushed into a corner and silenced

9:23 I wish my parents had told me to stand up to the bullies

14:30 Facing aggression and bullying in the workplace as well.

15:00 We need to teach our children how to love + respect themselves AND others.

17:39 Reaching out to support networks today

20:00 How can we empower ourselves

23:00 How to avoid being a target of bullying

24:00 Not settling for things that we have the power to change

27:00 Redirecting your energy and focus into building something

28:00 Showing up for yourself

30:00 The birth of Baby Peppers and women empowerment- giving marginalized people a voice and a dignified income



Re: bullies- They project their own insecurity and negative energy onto you. They feel like you’ve achieved what they could never achieve.

They don’t have that positivity in their own life and they project that aggression onto someone else. They make you feel small so that they can feel better. It took me years to understand this. I hadn’t done anything wrong- it all stemmed from my race. From the meer fact of the color of my skin.

It’s about teaching the kids how to be good to everyone and standing up for what’s not right.

Just never stopping to question what’s going on- has really made me be victimized and susceptible

As soon as people see that you’re not going to stand up to them, they just continue to bully because it makes them feel good. They never stop to question if what they’re doing is hurtful

You might not have full control over what happens in your life, but you can control how you react or respond to whatever happens to you. This helped me to really rebuild my life. Don’t look at it as rejection, look at it as RE-direction.

The only way to deal with my introversion was to put myself out there more.

If you truly want to make an impact in the lives of others, it’s okay to be real and raw and put yourself out there.

It’s so much easier to just be yourself.