My clients explain me and my work better than I do…

(in 3 minutes!)





  • Real Time Feedback From Clients Who Resonate Deeply With Her Message:

Kassy consistently gets feedback that her social media content and blog were a mirror to her readers and they felt they were reading a version of themselves. That’s when you know your messaging is on-point.

  • Consistency on Social Media & A Content Plan That Works:

  • Entirely New Packages That Sell Like Crazy:

We created these beautiful packages for her that she's so excited and so freaking confident to put herself out there and promote it.

  • A Clear Map To Her First 6-Figure Year:

I'm like just blown away at the transformation she had from this kind of like shy, unsure girl into just like this powerhouse where she has mapped out her six figure a year.


Meet Kassy Sunshine


When Kassy first came to me, she was someone who really had a clear vision. She was also in the middle of buying her first house  and quitting her job - so she had a lot going on.

Kassy had already previously invested in her business and ended back up in a 9-5 job. When she came to me, she said this was her last shot.

She wanted to invest with the right person - one that she knew would get her those results and get her over one of the scariest times in her life.

One of the key components in someone’s success story is always that decision to invest  - it’s symbolic of them actually making that commitment to their own success.


We spent a lot of time working through her brand story. Kassy and I really nailed what that story was for her, and how to relate it back to her audience. That's always the goal when you're writing some type of copy or messaging - you want that person to see themselves within your story.

Kassy is now planning her own events and retreats and group programs  - Just watching her stepping into her power and take on that autonomous role in her business and life - it’s been such a beautiful, whole journey for me -- such a blessing.


Meet Beth Joy…


When Beth Joy Came to me - she didn't know how to connect her gifts to her purpose or even if she wanted to start a business! But she was so incredibly trusting throughout the entire process.

I spent a lot of time listening to her life story and figuring out those areas where she was an expert and where she could really help and serve her clients.


Beth Joy ended up stepping into her now-role as a transformational coach.

She already had that innate talent and our work together was really about putting her gifts/talents into a package

I was able to tap into the core truth of her story, pull out those themes and those elements that related back to her audience, pick out those like teachable moments - and viola! Spin that into effortless content creation.

We worked a lot on her website copy, her about page story section, and we really tapped into her offerings.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Beth in San Diego to film her signature brand story video. It was such a joy to write her script, direct her, and see her come to life on camera.


  • Sold Out Offerings - Consistently -

Beth Joy now has programs that are being sold out!

  • Showing Up on Camera and Teaching to a Hungry Tribe -

She's always consistently showing up on livestreams. She doesn't doubt herself.

  • Mega Confidence, Joy, and Ease -

She's so clear on her vision and our purpose, and she just has such a joyful experience working with people.

Meet Whitney Kray…


Whitney Kray is a powerhouse in the world of Wealth Management. She is also of a different generation than the millennial crowd - and so  and because of that, leveraging the power of video and showing up on camera was completely out of her comfort zone - it was a totally new form of marketing.


Whitney came to me looking for a Signature Brand Video, so we created one that spoke to her years of expertise in the field, and allowed her people to feel closer to her and her mission.

Our most recent project together was an entire marketing campaign for a 500 person live event - very documentary style, with lots of interviewing. For this particular project Whitney had to really tap into the truth of her story and get more personal with her brand story.


Whitney had to literally unpeel and heal past traumas -  in order to be able to stand up and share her story and ultimately connect the dots between why she's hosting this event, and where she’s been.

She actually ended up manifesting a lot of illnesses that was preventing her from moving forward with the project - first she lost her voice. Then she got pink eye - because she had so much internal resistance.

That’s where my special blend of technical know-how and transformational coaching & healing comes in. Because in order to tell your story, you have to heal old wounds - so that you can show up and be of service. When Whitney finally broke through, she had tears of joy and relief because she finally was able to tell this story.


  • $156,00 in New Business -

The Signature Brand Video project immediately started drawing new and exciting traffic on Linkedin. From that, Whitney  landed a $156,000 - I repeat - $156,000 dollar client because after watching the video, they just knew that she had the expertise and the knowledge take care of their wealth portfolio.

What a testament to the power of explaining your brand story and what it is you do and how you serve your people!

  • Filling Up a 500 Person Event MONTHS in Advance -

From our newest marketing campaign project,  SO many people have been reaching out and resonating with Whitney’s message. The spots have been filling up for this event, even though it’s still 11 months away!

  • Breaking Through Shame, Trauma, and Learning to be Confident On Camera -

During my time with Whitney, we were able to get her incredible financial results yes - but only be way of breaking through, getting comfortable speaking on camera, getting comfortable selling on camera, and helping her promote herself on camera.

  • Expanding Local Impact & True Community Engagement -

We got to the core of her story, and she learned how to be vulnerable on camera and how to speak competently via voice training sessions. Whitney was able to expand her impact in her local community, and release all shame around her path - while drastically increasing her income!