🎬 Welcome to Episode.02 of The Brand, Interrupted™ Show with Brittany Hammond 💋

Are you making one of these storytelling faux-pas?

There's a few common mistakes I have observed while people try to use their story in their business + online marketing efforts:

😴 Giving a timeline of details = major snoozefest
💖 Giving surface-level facts that don't pull on their heartstrings
🎥 "Telling", but not "showing" enough
🤦‍♀️ Your story is NOT just about you 😉
🗽 Not mapping out key takeaways that relate back to your audience
🤐 NOT telling your story because you believe it's irrelevant

I truly believe that without adding elements of YOUR story into your business and marketing, you simple become a commodity.

What makes you different than someone else in your field? Why are YOU, special?

 There’s a few common mistakes I see… 6 to be exact!


I'm curious- which of these faux-pas have you accidentally committed ?!