That Time A Business Coach Told Me My Idea Wouldn't Work (and I Ignored Her Advice and it DID work.)​


In this episode I'm dishing on:

+ How to empower yourself to make decisions and know what’s best for you and your biz
+ A story about that time a biz coach told me my idea wouldn’t work and how I proved them wrong! #untamed
+ A practice I use to tap into my own intuition
+ How I learned to hear my own voice and stop listening to others
+ FREE access to my Signature Brand Story About Page Recipe
+ Program details about my Audaciously You On Camera 1:1 package avec moi! 

In the spirit of this episode - all about trusting yourself and staying true to your story - I have a very special FREE resource for you  ---> It's called the Signature Brand Story About Page Recipe Book.

It's a 10 page beautiful PDF that's going to help you craft your story, understand the defining moments and how it relates back to your audience --> 

This PDF is about ACTION.

So if you've been struggling to write YOUR Story on your about page or home page - then this Recipe Book will get you unstuck Right.Now. 

Are you ready to HARNESS the power of storytelling, resilience and vulnerability in your business to make an impact and grow, grow, grow? ... Booking your Brand, Interrupted Mentorship is the AUDACIOUS next step.

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