goodbye nice girl image

Do you feel like the version of yourself that you show the world is different from who you are?

Do you feel like you have a protective shield over yourself?

 For years I hide behind this nice girl persona.

I thought if I was extra nice, under-charged, over-delivered that people would love, respect and admire me… 

And worst of all… I would NEVER be subject to criticism or ridicule.

Boy oh boy was I wrong!

It’s the end of an era over here at the UNTAMED HQ and if you follow me on FB then you may have seen some of my recent posts about this transformation.


Here’s what I am getting real + raw about in this 5 minute video:

  • Why I’m transitioning from Untamed Lifestyle & Business to UNTAMED PRODUCTIONS

  • Ditching the nice girl image and stepping into a more bold truth

  • Why sugarcoating or coddling your clients is actually a disservice

  • How I used undercharging + over delivering as a PROTECTION SHIELD

  • How to break free from your “nice girl” persona + step into queen

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Bisous from Toronto,


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