About Brittany

"She starts by making herself happy because usually, whenever she feels like dancing, the rest of the world wants to join in."


You’ve got brilliant ideas.  You're an expert at what you do. You've cultivated and mastered your craft, skill, talent.You're ready to make an impact. You want a profitable business. You desire a captivating personal brand with raving fans.


you have thoughts on a broken record:

  • How do I brand myself and where do I even start?
  • What is my message and my story? 
  • How do these 2 relate?
  • How do I own my truth?
  • How do I use photography + video to really express my personality?
  • How do I connect on a deeper level with my audience, clients or customers?

4 truths I know for sure:

1. The art of branding is about becoming MORE of who you already are, boldly declaring it and expressing your story, not for your own glory, but to be of service of others

2. You have to have the audacity to ask for what you want in life.

3. Our stories leave clues + have the absolute power to teach, heal, inspire us + ignite serious shifts.

4. The cure to multiple (brand) personality disorder is unconditionally loving yourself and coming back home to yourself. 



In one way or another, my clients are looking to be seen + heard for who they truly are. Self-expression, voice, and identity are key components of their work. My clients are entrepreneurs, looking to curate a visual brand that captures their essence, expresses their personality and encapsulates hearts with their magnetic message. My clients are artists (actors, musicians) who desire express themselves and move their audience through their work.





For most of my life, I operated out of a place of fear: I felt like I had to be a chameleon and please everyone. I would adapt and change my personality based on who I was speaking to, my mood, or my level of confidence in that particular moment. I changed my branding and messaging more than I changed my clothes on a bad hair day.

I, too, suffered from "Multiple Brand Personality Disorder."

My lack of self-confidence left me in a perpetual brand-identity crisis. I was easily swayed and influenced by others in this constant search for myself. My journey didn’t have a single rock bottom moment, but rather a series of nudges of highs and lows and frustrations along the way. I very reluctantly followed the breadcrumbs to where I am today.

I finally decided to embrace all the different sides of me. It was not an overnight process. But it started with a conscious decision: a decision to just be myself.

When I was able to connect the dots between all the life events that lead me to my line of work today, I was able to accomplish amazing things:



  • My story worked as a marketing tool to attract the most amazing dream clients and projects (I'm talking short films, music videos!)
  • My business grew, I hit 5-figure months and I was able to hire team members
  • I built an unshakeable confidence to consistently put myself out there
  • My recovery time for meltdowns + moments of doubt became SUPER fast!
  • I regularly get guest interviews on podcasts, videos and in magazines

Once I made peace with myself and my story and I learned how to leverage it in my business, a lot of amazing things fell into place. I believe this is possible for you also!

Everyone has a story to tell.
I am here to help you uncover yours!


Together, we will identify what makes you really stand out and shine, what experiences you have that are relevant to your brand and business and how we can leverage this both verbally & visually.

You don’t need to have all the answers right now. That’s where I step in. I listen to you and I am able to intuitively pull out the parts of your story that make YOU a captivating brand.

As an actor, dancer and performer since the age of 9, I learned that even when you’re at the top of your game, there’s STILL room for improvement. You have know how to sell yourself, how to hustle, work hard, prove your worth and always stay relevant. (sounds exhausting, right?)


Two things I’ve realized: It’s actually NOT helpful to say “everyone” can do it and with entrepreneurship that the sky is the limit because it makes it sounds seemingly easy and like a great rich quick scheme  ( #whitehottruth: if it was easy, everyone would be doing it ) BUT it also isn’t an inspiring + nurturing atmosphere to constantly need to prove yourself.

These two extreme spaces don’t catapult us into productivity, but I want to offer you the experience of both worlds with:

  • A loving and compassionate approach to tapping into your story
  • The competitive edge of knowing what really connects + inspires (aka “sells")

Ready to choose your brand story adventure?



1) Directing + producing Signature Brand Videos, Films etc on location

2) Personal Brand Creation + Mentorship 

3) Content + messaging creative direction and strategy


Some pretty neat things I've accomplished over the years:

  • I ran my first local 100k business with 4 employees by the age of 20
  • My films have been screened at festivals and in the cinema
  • I co-hosted over 20 live workshops and training programs for actors in Nice, France
  • I am a published author


I believe that we choose our lives and that our souls ask for the very challenges and struggles we endure because we are strong, resilient, and capable; ultimately these experiences allow us to step into our most highest self.

At age 8, I wrote my first screenplay, created a storyboard and rehearsed the scenes with my friends at recess. I knew EXACTLY what my mission in life would be. I then, inadvertently proceeded to do everything possible to deny and neglect my dream because I didn't believe I could earn a living as an artist. 

I tiptoed and danced around my desires for decades. But I never full committed to myself or my vision.

Can you relate?

Most people struggle with their WHAT. What is my passion? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing?

I struggled with my HOW. How do I earn money doing what I love? How do I create my business? How do I just be myself?

I started my first business at 18 and by age 20 I had crossed the 6-figure mark. I had a team of 4 employees. At night, I would be downtown Toronto performing on stage in the Rocky Horror Show.

(It would also take me another 10 years to realize + own that I could be a performer AND business owner)

It seemed like I had it all, but on the inside, I was feeling miserable. I ended up attracting a lot of pain + chaos in my life.

Brittany finals-0004.jpg

DEFINING MOMENT #1: sometimes you need to lose everything before you can really find yourself again

I moved to France on a path of self-discovery, joie de vivre, fine cuisine...and a TON of administration headaches!

Different continent. Same problems.

I found myself feeling the same unfulfillment, the same misalignments, the same frustrations. I was in a constant and perpetual identity crisis; I felt like a chameleon that would change and adapt my personality depending on who I was talking to or what mood I was in. I struggled with getting clear on WHO I really was and what I stood for. I tried to always fit in and never disrupt the peace. My belief pattern was: "fit in, be liked", however this led me to having “multiple brand personality disorder” which basically means being who I thought others wanted me to be.


Do you also have multiple brand personality disorder ?!

DEFINING MOMENT #2: Tony Robbins was the first person to teach me that we are NOT victims of our circumstances and that we have the power to change our thoughts and belief systems. I attended several of his platinum events and the seeds were planted!

DEFINING MOMENT #3: Getting paid to learn became a really cool skill set. When I launched Untamed Lifestyle & Business in 2014, I started doing graphic design, a skill set I had acquired after doing many many posters for theatre shows in the past. At the same I was doing my Master's degree in Film.


In 2015 I launched my own business in France: a training program for actors wanting to master their emotions, create characters and amplify their charisma on screen. I co-hosted over 20 of them, built a network of actors and generated 20k + in sales in under 18 months.

It all seemed great on the outside. The problem was.... my co-host was a well known actor in the area and I was constantly in his shadow, unable to really shine in my area of genius or be acknowledged by my peers or my students.



My first business was able to thrive because it was a franchise and I followed the system, did the work and got the results. My people skills were my superpower.

My live events and workshops were wildly successful because I created powerful programs but I also leveraged the celebrity status of my partner to boost prestige and attract new students.

Everything came full circle and Untamed Productions was finally able to take off and soar once I stepped into being the face of my brand, an influencer and a leader.

Being the face of my brand and shameless self promotion was the biggest thing I needed to master in order for my business to thrive.

It's my greatest joy and passion to not only continually express myself through artistic projects, but also help my clients and students do the same!