Meet Brittany…


While being true to her North American roots, Brittany infuses a french twist of refinement and elegance to every project she touches. Whether it be in a film shoot or her intimate mentorship experience, Brittany allows her client’s authenticity + truth be voiced and spun into gold.

“Brittany doesn’t just tell her clients who to be - she helps them uncover who they already are.”

From acting in one of her short films, directing music videos, or curating brand story videos for her clients, there’s no doubt that Brittany’s passion, intuition, and storytelling genius establishes an emotional connection with it’s viewers/audience that HOOKS + GROUNDS.

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Best known for making her people feel deeply understood, Brittany allows her clients to bring ALL of themselves to the table. Communicating with confidence, clarity, conviction, and charisma on camera is an area she helps her clients improve upon: nurturing them as they learn how to show up in new ways and in new mediums.

Brittany coaches her clients on the ins and outs of how to use voice as the vehicle to the soul, heart - and ultimate profitability - of their messaging. She supports her actors and artists in conveying the truth with the utmost sincerity and rawness in each performance.

Using her innate gifts of intuition, she taps into what’s not being said - the truth of the thing - and then brings it to life on the screen with her clairvoyance -

Effectively making the intangible ...tangible.

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Her artistic vision can be described as cinematic-documentary style: anchored in white-hot truth and bathed in some old Hollywood ambiance.

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“Because every girl wants to be the star of her own movie.”

Above all, Brittany will always go that extra mile. The integrity of the overall message, aesthetic, and vision is of utmost importance to her. Those who work with Brittany, fall in love with Brittany for just that reason - She’s irreplaceably herself - and believes you can be too.


Beth Joy Swain’s Signature Brand Story Video

Story Concept, Filming + Editing by Brittany Hammond - UNTAMED PRODUCTIONS

Jennifer Bitner Signature Brand Story Video


Sumana Music Videos

“Distance” an original song by Sumana- story concept, directed and produced by Brittany Hammond

“Sorry” cover of Justin Bieber by Sumana - story concept, directed and produced by Brittany Hammond

Whitney Hammond’s Signature Brand Story Video and Wallet To Wealth Event Promotional Video

Story Concept, Filming + Editing by Brittany Hammond - UNTAMED PRODUCTIONS

Brittany Hammond Brand Story Video - PERMISSION TO BE YOU

“Dangerous Love” Short Film - Written + directed by Brittany Hammond. In collaboration with Light House Production